Nowadays, an internet connection is essential for every home. Especially now as we need to keep in touch with our loved ones, get through our work-from-home workload, attend online classes, and enjoy a little time for online entertainment.

That’s why everybody wants the best WiFi coverage! With StarHub Broadband, you’ll enjoy faster surfing speeds and no more dead spots whenever you surf, stream and game to your heart’s content.

Thinking to sign-up/recontract to StarHub’s 2Gbps Fibre Broadband?

The 2Gbps Fibre Broadband plan consists of two dedicated 1Gbps fibre connections to allow for more bandwidth activities to take place concurrently without compromising on the speed and for an optimum Internet user experience.


Is the 2Gbps Fibre Broadband plan worth it?

Comes with 2 dedicated 1Gbps connections

This means one fibre connection can be connected to a router and another fibre connection can be connected directly to another internet-enabled device for dedicated Internet access to extend your WiFi coverage. It would also be beneficial for those living in multi-storey houses that require additional fibre connections on the different levels.

Allows more devices to get connected

In situations where multiple devices require fibre connections, such as when using Smart TV, a gaming console and a streaming box, or when there’s heavy Internet usage by one user, a direct Internet LAN connection ensures sufficient dedicated bandwidth to his or her device.

FREE Smart WiFi Pro worth $399

With the Smart WiFi Pro, you can enjoy greater connectivity across your devices at home. No more WiFi dead spots as it will give you strong, consistent and reliable WiFi coverage at home. Plus, get 4x lightning-fast speed for a lag-free online gaming and smoother online streaming experience.

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Enjoy the full suite of iconic brands from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic and Star on Disney+! Get to stream for free the latest releases, Original Disney series and movies, blockbuster films and award-winning TV shows, and so much more.

There you go!

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