Today, almost everyone packs some standard travel apps in their phone. Tools like Google Maps, Trips and Translate are now as essential as our passports, and thankfully so! But sometimes, we want travel apps that go beyond basic needs and can lead us on a journey that’s curated to our personal quirks and interests. Whether you seek outdoor adventures, crave unique local experiences or see holidays as a time for creative inspiration, we’ve picked out some must-have apps to help you achieve your holiday goals!

1. If you love extraordinary local experiences

Image via Airbnb

Most of us use Airbnb for our stays, but have you tried Airbnb Experiences? It lets you book intimate, one-of-a-kind experiences crafted and hosted by the most fascinating locals. They’ll whizz you into a highly exclusive world, accessible only with the right connections.


You can get an inside look into Seoul’s underground music scene, explore London’s food markets with a local chef, train with a Samurai sword artist in Japan or even hunt for truffles in a Tuscan forest. Airbnb Experiences is a real standout amongst all the travel apps available. Meeting local experts, seeking out your passions and savouring a truly special holiday adventure – what’s not to love?

2. If you love outdoor adventures

Image via Yonder

Does your ideal holiday involve scaling majestic mountains or meandering forest trails? Yonder is one of the top travel apps for outdoor adventure seekers. It shows you amazing experiences at your destination, recommended by a passionate community who loves the outdoors as much as you do. You can find routes for casual hikes, challenging climbs, kayaking spots, biking trails – just about any activity. Feeling spontaneous? Join up with other travellers or the locals!


Yonder is great if you’re roaming to activity-packed destinations like Yosemite or Banff National Park and can do with precious tips from seasoned fellow adventurers.

3. If you love epic travel photography

Image via Photo Pills

Prefer shooting on a DSLR camera to your phone? You’ll want this app. Touted as the photographer’s Swiss army knife, Photo Pills is an impressive app trusted by both professionals and serious hobbyists.


With it, you can track the point and path of the Moon, Sun or Milky Way, visualise the ideal shot you want via Augmented Reality, then find out the best spot and time to nail that shot. It’s a brilliant personal assistant, doing all the mindboggling calculations so you can focus on what matters - getting that epic holiday memory. Photo Pills can even help you set the exposure, depth of field or time-lapse parameters. This is one of the most useful travel apps if you love capturing stunning sunrises and sunsets, or are hunting down legendary night sky views like the Northern Lights.

4. If you love spending hours in museums

Images via Smartify

If a travel itinerary packed with museum visits is music to your ears, you’ll love Smartify. Touted as the “Shazam for art”, this free app takes your museum experience to the next level. You simply point your phone at any artwork to scan. Smartify tells you what artwork it is and the story behind it, enhanced with rich commentary. You can then save your favourite artworks from all over the world onto a personal “playlist” and share it. This means lovers of specific art can find each other in the Smartify community, like how music-lovers bond over their favourite genres.


London’s National Gallery and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York are among the growing list of Smartify-ready locales. This travel app puts a personal tour guide in your hands so you can always take your time to appreciate and admire every Monet or Kahlo. Feel free to also check out these app guides for museums in London, Paris and Berlin.

5. If you love to pen down travel inspirations

Image via Bonjournal

Thanks to travel apps, more and more people have picked up the habit of digital journaling. It’s never been easier and more enjoyable to jot down little musings inspired by your holiday encounters, or to preserve cherished moments in both scribbles and snapshots, all on your phone. Besides the popular iOS-only Day One and Bonjournal, Android users can get in on the act with the beautiful and easy-to-use Journey app. Write as you’re roaming or at the end of every day. Then add photos or videos while the app geotags your location and even records the weather. This way, you can relive and revisit all your favourite memories and places any time.

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