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We have made it really easy and simple for you to enjoy the widest selection of TV channels, in the form of 7 Entertainment Passes curated for your needs. From the biggest movies blockblusters, to live sports, and right up to dramas and variety programmes, our Entertainment Passes offer something for everyone. 


Switch between 7 Passes anytime and enjoy the new Pass in 24 hours.
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  • Choose 1 Entertainment Pass
  • Switch between 7 Passes anytime and enjoy the new Pass in 24 hours
  • Inclusive of 1 FREE set-top box 
  • Watch anytime, anywhere, on any device via StarHub TV+
  • Also applicable for non-StarHub Fibre Broadband customers

per month with 24-month contract



  • Valid with a 24-month contract.
  • Customers without StarHub Fibre Broadband can also subscribe to the Entertainment Pass with a Fibre Link Access Fee of $15/month.

Check out our line up of all-new Passes with content you will love.

english entertainment pass
Whether it’s tuning in to the latest TV series, discovering the wild side of planet Earth, or keeping the kids entertained with the wackiest animated shows - we’ve got you covered.
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asian entertainment pass
Watch top singers battle or unwind with your favourite Asian dramas and variety shows – it’s all here. Enjoy the widest selection of Asian dramas, movies and award shows from Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and China!
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movies entertainment pass
From award-winning titles to all-time family favourites - we’ve got you. Enjoy the best movies and original series around the globe, and never leave your couch again.
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sports entertainment pass
Dunk with all-stars, score with champions, or have a brawl of a time with superstars. Get your fill of all the sporting action – from UCL football on beIN Sports, ATP Tour, European Golf Tour, badminton, Formula 1 racing and much more.
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malay entertainment pass
Laugh, cry and smile with the best Malay movies, dramas, comedies and more. For the K-fans out there, we’ve thrown in the hottest Korean movies and dramas, too.
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indian entertainment pass
Dance to your favourite Bollywood films, indulge in family dramas, and even stay up-to-date with the latest news. Hindi or Tamil, you’ll surely be entertained.
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filipino entertainment pass
Watch everything, from the latest Tagalog dramas to Filipino movies and reality TV. With so much to choose from, Filipino TV has never been better!
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Get additional Entertainment Passes at just $17.90/month each.

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