• Fibre Broadband

  • Fibre Broadband

The Future's Fast.

Keep up with a StarHub Fibre Broadband plan.

Ultra High-Speed Broadband
Our Fibre network uses state-of-the-art fibre optics to deliver the highest speeds, even at peak times.
Do It All, Faster
Stream in HD, send your huge file and explore that virtual world. Fibre Broadband can handle it all, no worries.

per month

per month

Introducing Google Wifi with StarHub Broadband.

Google Wifi is a new approach to home WiFi System. It is easy to set up and can expand to cover any home, making all your connected devices work the way you want them to. It replaces your router with multiple WiFi points so that you stay seamlessly connected on all your devices with one mesh network that blankets your home in fast, seamless WiFi.

No dead spots. No drop-offs. 

Get Google Wifi system (set of 3)
With StarHub Broadband


  • Service activation fee of $53.50 applies for all Broadband plans.
  • More information on Typical Speed Range.

Moving from another telco
isn't as tough as you think!

Setting up your connection.

What to expect from a fibre broadband installation.

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