• StarHub
    Fibre Broadband

  • StarHub
    Fibre Broadband

Unleash your broadband

StarHub Broadband connects you to the things you love, at blazing speeds.

Game harder, stream smoother and surf faster, in every room of your home. It’s broadband that fuels your internet. #UnleashYourBroadband.

per month

  • Up to 500Mbps download and upload speeds.
per month

Professional assessment

Our WiFi Assessment service includes a home survey to assess your home’s unique architecture and comprehensive recommendations on how to optimise your home WiFi coverage.
Worry-free installation

Need a little extra help? Our dedicated tech experts, the Hub Troopers are on hand to assist you with installation, set-up, troubleshooting and show you how everything works.
Reliable 24/7 support

Our customer service consultant are always one call away to assist you in any broadband connectivity issues you may have.

Better coverage
with StarHub Broadband.

A new approach to home WiFi with Google Wifi at $15/month.

Moving from another telco
isn't as tough as you think!

Setting up your connection.

What to expect from a fibre broadband installation.

Time to recontract?

Renew your broadband plan now. Visit our Online Store.
Want StarHub TV too?

Check out HomeHub Plus! Besides fibre broadband, you’ll get must-see fibre TV, smart devices and other essential services in 1 convenient bundle.

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