• StarHub
    Fibre Broadband

  • StarHub
    Fibre Broadband

Unleash ultra-fast.

Stream, play and work at once without buffering or lag.
The whole family will be streaming, surfing and gaming – simultaneously – without skipping a beat.

Ultra-wide WiFi coverage
You get fast WiFi coverage in every single part of your home.
Ultra-fast speeds
Go fast on multiple screens and devices at the same time.
Get strong, consistent home WiFi with help from our Hub Troopers.

per month

Enjoy $30 bill rebate when you purchase online!

  • Up to 500Mbps download and upload speeds.
per month

Enjoy $30 bill rebate when you purchase online!

Enjoy fast, seamless WiFi with Google Wifi.

Get Google Wifi at $15/month with StarHub Broadband.

Moving from another telco
isn't as tough as you think!

Setting up your connection.

What to expect from a fibre broadband installation.

Time to recontract?

Renew your broadband plan now. Visit our Online Store.
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Fibre Broadband FAQ

Subscription Eligibility

Broadband Charges

No hidden costs.