Are you still under the old StarHub Entertainment Pass? Are you unable to decide to recontract? Let us help you decide! With StarHub TV+, you can experience entertainment like never before. What’s more? Well, keep on reading to find out what are you missing out on with the StarHub TV+.

Variety of Choices

Switch between LIVE channels, Video on Demand and streaming apps such as Netflix, Disney+, Hotstar and more on a single interface. Watch on any device via the StarHub TV+ app or watch on the big screen with the StarHub TV+ Box. 

Time-Shift TV

Introducing the new Time-Shift TV feature which allows you to catch up on programmes within the last 24 hours at no additional cost. Navigate through the TV Guide to watch programmes that have aired in the last 24 hours for selected channels. If you have tuned in to a programme in the middle of its broadcast, you will also be able to rewind or start over from the beginning.

Here's the list of channels that support Time-Shift TV.

Easy Login

Log in to StarHub TV+ App using your Hub iD and scan the QR code shown on your TV screen to pair your StarHub TV+ box with your app. Thereafter, you can now start watching! 

Google Voice Search

No more pressing the remote control a couple of times to search, now you can simply press the Google Voice Search button (Mic Icon) once and speak to the microphone located above the Google Voice Search button on the remote control. Here are examples of what you can ask:

  • Video clips: Play cat videos  
  • Apps: Open YouTube  
  • Search: Search for sitcoms  
  • Info: Tell me about Game of Thrones 


Enjoy with any internet service provider

A StarHub Fibre Broadband is not required to enjoy StarHub TV+ Pass as it is designed to work with any Internet connection regardless of the internet service provider. However, you will need to a StarHub TV+ Box with a StarHub Fibre Broadband (under the same billing account and service address) with a compatible StarHub type-approved router to watch free-to-air channels and cross-carriage channels. 

What are you waiting for? Sign up now to StarHub TV+ via Online Store.