Happy Online Top-Up Via Credit Cards And Internet Banking


1. What is Happy Online Top-up about?

This service allows you to top up your StarHub Prepaid cards online. You can choose to top up directly at www.starhub.com/topup or log in to your Happy Account using HubID.

2. What are the benefits of Happy Online Top-up?

You can enjoy up to 15% more credits (Bonus Credit valid for 30 days) when you top up your prepaid SIM.

3. What are the payment methods accepted for Happy Online Top-up? 

You can do an online top-up with VISA/ MasterCard/ UnionPay or eNETS.

4. What are denominations available for the Happy Online Top-up service?

The top-up values available are as follows: 

Online Top-up value Free Credits Free Local SMS Free Local 4G Data
$20 $3.00 80 500MB
$17 (Happy Stars) $2.00 N.A N.A
$25 (Happy Stars Plus) N.A N.A N.A
$28 (Happy $128) N.A N.A N.A
$30 $4.50 100 500MB
$50 $7.50 100 500MB
$80 $12.00 100 500MB

5. Can I top up $17 (Happy Stars), $25 (Happy Stars Plus) or $28 (Happy $128) on my Prepaid Internet SIM card?

No. The above services are not available for Prepaid Internet SIM card transactions.

6. Can I verify transactions done many months ago with StarHub or my respective banking service? (Example: The amount I had topped up a few months ago was not credited to my Happy Prepaid SIM card).

You will be notified via your prepaid mobile number after every successful transaction. You can also view your transactions online under 'Transaction Details' using your Happy Account if you have one. Please call '1633' should you need any assistance. 

7. How soon will my StarHub Prepaid SIM card get topped up after the transaction is approved?

The top-up amount will be credited to your prepaid card once the transaction has been approved. You will also receive a notification message on your prepaid mobile number.

8. Will the deduction from my bank account take place before my prepaid SIM card has been topped up?

The top-up amount will first be deducted from the relevant bank account and credited into your prepaid card thereafter.

9. What should I do if I have accidentally keyed in a wrong top-up amount?

Please click ‘Back’ to re-select your preferred amount if you have not clicked on the confirmation button. However, we cannot refund you the amount paid once you have confirmed your transaction.

10. Can StarHub refund the top-up amount from an approved transaction?

No, as approved top-up transactions will not be refunded.

11. I did a top-up on the wrong prepaid card. Can I request to transfer this top-up amount to another prepaid card?

No, approved top-up transactions will not be refunded and are not transferable.

12. What should I do if the top-up amount was debited from my account but my Prepaid SIM was not topped-up?

Please call 1633 to speak to our Customer Care Consultant.

13. Are there any promotion when topping up online?

You will be awarded free 500MB local 4G data (valid for 14 days) for main wallet top-up of $10 and above.This promotion is valid till 31 March 2018.

My Happy Account


1. Why should I register for a Happy Account?

With a Happy Account, you can:

  • Perform top-ups for your family and friends who are on StarHub Prepaid Mobile
  • Program top-ups to recur on preferred dates
  • Renew specific prepaid price plans automatically
  • Ensure uninterrupted prepaid mobile usage using low balance top-ups
  • Manage your account and payment information
  • View previous transactions

2. What do I need to register for a Happy Account?

You need to have a HubiD, a valid StarHub Prepaid number and to complete one successful online top-up to register for a Happy Account.

3. How do I register for a Happy Account?

a. New StarHub Customers

Step 1: Sign up for a HubiD at https://login.starhubgee.com.sg/sso/HubIdRegisterSelected

Step 2: Log in with your new HubiD at prepaid login to complete your registration.

b. Existing StarHub Customers

Log in with your existing HubiD at prepaid login to complete your Happy Account registration.

4. What happens to my Happy Account when my prepaid number is terminated or expired?

Your account will be closed automatically.

5. How do I close my Happy Account?

Please call 1633 for assistance in closing your Happy Account.

6. What happens to my Happy Account if I transfer my primary prepaid mobile number to someone else?

Please call 1633 for assistance to close your Happy Account.

7. What happens to my top-up transaction if I forget to update my credit card expiry date?

We will notify you via email if your credit card has expired as transactions will not be allowed on expired cards. To update your credit card details, please log in to your Happy Account.

8. Can I reactivate a closed Happy Account?

No, as you will have to register a new account if you wish to continue using this service.

9. How many Happy Accounts am I allowed to register with StarHub?

You are only allowed to register for one Happy Account for every valid prepaid number you have.

10. Can I change my credit card details using my Happy Account?

Yes, you can. However, you need to make a transaction on your card to get it updated on your account due to security purposes. You can add up to 2 credit cards to your Happy Account.

11. How long will my transaction records be kept for?

We will keep up to 3 months' worth of your transaction records.

12. What does Low Balance Top Up mean?

Low Balance Top-ups automatically add credit to your credit balance whenever it falls below a pre-determined amount, so you can enjoy uninterrupted prepaid mobile usage.

13. How do I enable the Low Balance Top Up function?

Log in to My Happy Account at https://prepaidtopup.starhub.com/SelfCare/Home/Index, go to 'Manage Low Balance Top Up', and select the preferred prepaid number and amount to be topped up.

14. What does Regular Top Up mean?

Regular Top-ups automatically add a pre-set amount of credit to your credit balance on your preferred date. You can also set this top-up to occur on a weekly or monthly basis.

15. How do I enable the automatic Regular Top Up function?

Log in to My Happy Account at https://prepaidtopup.starhub.com/SelfCare/Home/Index, go to 'Manage Regular Top Up', and select the preferred prepaid number to start setting up your top-up schedule.

16. What does Automated Plan Renewal mean?

You can set up Automatic Plan Renewals to renew mobile plans before they expire. This function works for both data plans and duration-based plans like $17 (Happy Stars), $25 (Happy Stars Plus), $28 (Happy $128), and BlackBerry Prepaid. Data plans will automatically be renewed when your data quota is low or about to expire to ensure that you continue to enjoy uninterrupted data access.

17. How do I enable Automated Plan Renewal?

You can login to My Happy Account at https://prepaidtopup.starhub.com/SelfCare/Home/Index.

1. Upon the successful purchase of your plan, you can choose to set up the Automated Plan Renewal function.


2. If you already have an existing plan and wish to set up this function, go to 'Manage Automated Plan Renewal' to do so.

18. Can I enable Low Balance and/or Regular Top-Ups and Automated Plan Renewals for all 5 prepaid numbers set up under my Happy Account?

Yes, you can enable the above functions for all 5 prepaid numbers.

19. My scheduled Regular Top Up transaction has failed. Will the system attempt to do a top-up for my prepaid number again?

Yes, but only on the next pre-programmed date in your top-up schedule.