Happy Prepaid App


  1. What is Happy Prepaid App for?
    Happy Prepaid App is a mobile application that allows you to manage your prepaid account anytime, anywhere. You can use the app to check credit/data balances, top up using various payment methods, activate data plans, value-added services and manage roaming settings.

    More functions are added from time to time, please ensure that you have the most up-to-date app version.

  2. What are the OS supported by Happy Prepaid App?
    The Happy Prepaid App is supported on Android 5.0 & above; iOS 8.0 & above.

  3. Where can I find the Happy Prepaid App?
    Happy Prepaid App is available on iOS Apple Store and Google Play Store. You can download and install it onto your mobile device. 

  4. Is there data charge while accessing the Happy Prepaid App?
    There is no data charges while accessing the Happy Prepaid App. However, you need to be connected to the Internet to access the app. Do take note that downloading the app from Google Play or App Store incurs data charges and other apps running in the background will also incur data charges.  

  5. I am unable to login when connected to WIFI. What is wrong?
    You need to enter your prepaid number, an OTP PIN will be sent to the prepaid number.

    Ensure to enter the correct OTP PIN into the login page. You will be able to access the App and view your prepaid account. 

  6. My Prepaid card is terminated, can I still access my account balance?
    If your prepaid card is terminated, you will not be able access your account balance.

  7. I am using WIFI to access the Happy Prepaid App, after entering my prepaid number, I did not receive the OTP PIN on the prepaid mobile number that I entered, what is wrong?
    Please wait for 1 minute for the OTP PIN to reach your prepaid mobile number, if you still do not receive the PIN, click on resend OTP for a new PIN to be sent to you.

  8. I am unable to activate a data plan of my choice. What is wrong?
    You need to ensure that there is sufficient credit in your main balance to activate a plan. Once there is sufficient credit, you will be able to activate a plan. 

  9. I am unable to activate a value added service. What is wrong?
    You need to ensure that there is sufficient credit in your main balance to activate a value added service. Once there is sufficient credit, you will be able to activate a value added service. 

  10. Will there be notification when a service is activated successfully?
    Yes, you will receive an SMS notification once a service is activated successfully. 

  11. How do I top up via Happy Prepaid App when my balance is low and what are the payment methods?
    Select Top-Up and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the top up process. The payment methods are Visa/ Mastercard/ UnionPay/ eNets or charge directly to your StarHub Mobile Postpaid Account. You may also top up using a pre-purchased physical top-up card.

  12. Are there any promotion when topping up via Happy Prepaid App?
    You will be awarded free 500MB local 4G data (valid for 14 days) for main wallet top-up of $10 and above. Eligible payment method for this promotion: VISA/MasterCard/eNETS/UnionPay & StarHub Mobile Postpaid Account. This Promotion is valid till further notice.

  13. Is there a cap on how much free data I can receive with top-up?
    Free data awarded with top-up is capped at 2GB at any one time.

  14. Can I bring the free data to Happy Roam destinations?
    No, free data awarded with top-up is only valid for use in Singapore.

  15. Will the free Local 4G Data awarded with top-up be deducted first or my activated data plans?
    Whichever that has an earlier expiry date will be deducted first. You may check the data expiry dates using Happy Prepaid App.

  16. Could Happy Prepaid App support multiple login at any point of time?
    Happy Prepaid App allows two (2) devices to log in into the same prepaid account at the same time.

  17. How should I raise a feedback/technical issue about the App? 
    You may write to us by sending an email. The email form is found under feedback.
  18. Could I install the Happy Prepaid Apps onto SH/ST/M1 Postpaid line and perform transactions for a selected StarHub Prepaid SIM card?
    You will be able to download and install the Happy Prepaid App using your Postpaid mobile line, but you will not be able to log in unless your can receive the OTP sent to the StarHub Prepaid SIM card. Without log in, you can still perform limited transactions: top up, promo code redemption, check current promotions, configure APN settings.

    To access more functions within the app, you need to log in the app using the phone with StarHub Prepaid SIM card inserted.

  19. Can I access the App when I am overseas?
    Yes, you can access the App when you are overseas and log on to overseas network, prevailing roaming data charges will apply.

  20. How do the Happy Prepaid App Notifications work? 
    You may turn ON/OFF the notification. The notification will notify you when your main balance is low and/or plan is near expiry when the app is launched.
  21. How do I change the language of the app?
    After you have updated the Happy Prepaid App, when you launch it for the first time, it will prompt you to select your desired language.
    Alternatively, on app home page, you may tap on the menu icon on the top right corner. Select ‘Settings’ > Under ‘language’ select your desired language using the drop down menu.