12Up FAQ


1.     What is the StarHub 12Up?

The StarHub 12Up is a free program for StarHub postpaid customers. Eligible customers on contract plan have the option to return and upgrade their mobile devices annually. 

  • Wipe out the remainder of your contract.
  • Get a new phone yearly
  • Get an extra 1GB of local data every month for the next 12 months.
  • No registration or fee required.

2.    When will I get my 1GB of local data every month?

You will get 1GB of local data every month for the next 12 months taken care of by us each time you upgrade your phone using StarHub 12Up.    

3.    Do I have to register / pay to be on the StarHub 12Up?

No registration and payment is required. Customer is auto-enrolled with the purchase of an eligible device with a 2-year mobile plan. Refer to starhub.com/12Up for the eligible devices.

4.     StarHub 12Up is applicable for which group of customers?

StarHub 12Up is applicable for personal and CIS customers.

5.     How many StarHub 12Up lines can I have?

As long as your line(s) meet the eligibility criteria, there is no maximum limit.

6.     How do I get an upgrade every year?

You must purchase an eligible device together with a 2-year mobile plan during the stated period from StarHub in order to bring in the set for upgrade to a next Eligible New Device. Please refer to starhub.com/12Up for the eligibility devices and periods. Do note that at point of upgrade, you must have fulfilled 12 continuous months of your contract and the return set must be in Good Working Condition. For the full list of Eligible New/StarHub 12Up Device and Terms and Conditions, please refer to starhub.com/12up-tnc.

7.     Where can I buy a handset to be in the StarHub 12Up?

You can purchase your Eligible new device at any StarHub Shop, Exclusive Partner outlets, Online Store, Telesales and Roadshows from 1 June 2016.

8.     Where can I perform my upgrade after 12 months?

You can perform your upgrade at StarHub Shops and selected Exclusive Partners. 12Up upgrades are NOT available for the StarHub Online store, at Roadshows and the following Exclusive Partners: CTS, Courts and Telestation Infocomm.

9.     How do I know if that my mobile device is in Good Working Condition?

You will need to check and ensure that:

  • Device has no cosmetic damage i.e no broken casing, screen, severe scratch, wear and tear or corrosion.
  • Device has no liquid damage.
  • Device must be able to power on and off.
  • Any applicable phone lock (password or finger print) must be disabled.
  • Device must be able to be charged.
  • When device is powered on, the display must be clear and fully visible.
  • Device does not have any missing or non-original parts. Device includes original battery, power adaptor and cable.
  • Device is not registered on any applicable stolen or lost property database.

10.     What do I have to do before I bring in my Eligible StarHub 12Up Device?

You will need to:

  • Back-up and transfer all your data, including contacts, photos, music or videos.
  • Delete all personal or confidential information and personal settings including email accounts.
  • Delete / disable all “find your device” feature and perform a factory re-set.

11.    What’s the difference between trading in my phone and using my phone for StarHub 12Up?

With StarHub 12Up, you will get to purchase a new handset without having to pay the remainder of the contract when you bring in your phone after 12 months for renewal. On top of that, you can surf with a peace of mind that any excess data usage of up to 1GB local data every month for the next 12 months will be taken care of by us.