• Daily plans for
    leisure travellers
    Daily plans for
    leisure travellers
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  • Daily plans for
    leisure travellers

Choose from our range of daily data roaming plans that are best suited for your short trips.

RoamEasy Daily

Worry-free connection to ANY operator with RoamEasy

Going overseas and finding it a hassle to remember which preferred operator gives you the best savings? Data roam with ANY operator at one flat rate at $10 per 100MB daily with RoamEasy Daily in 75 popular countries.

What's more, activation is FREE and data charge only applies when you use data overseas.

Activate and roam with RoamEasy Daily

SMS <SIGN ON> to 6818 to activate 
(SMS charges apply)


Subscription Fee
Daily Charges
$10 per 100MB daily (U.P $36 per 100MB daily)
Charges apply only on the day(s) data is used in designated countries.

Each data block is valid for 24 hours from the time you commence your first RoamEasy Daily 100MB data block for the day. It can also be used across different countries as long as it is within the 24 hours from the start of the first RoamEasy Daily 100MB data block.

Supported Destinations
Region Countries
Africa Ghana*, Kenya*, Nigeria*, South Africa*


Argentina*, Brazil, Canada, Chile*, Colombia*, Costa Rica*,Ecuador*, El Salvador*, Guatemala*, Mexico*, Nicaragua*, Panama*, Peru*, Puerto Rico*, Uruguay*, USA (List of 50 states in USA
Asia Bangladesh, Brunei, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Macau, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Philippines, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand 


Albania*, Austria, Belgium, Croatia*, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia*, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Kazakhstan*, Latvia*, Lithuania*, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal*, Romania, Russia, Slovakia*, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, U.K 
Middle East Bahrain, Israel, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates


Australia, New Zealand 

You will also receive data alerts so you wont have to worry about exceeding the designated amount or bill shocks!

Data Usage Alerts

Data alerts will be sent to you at the following stages, from the time you commence your first RoamEasy Daily 100MB data block until it expires 24 hours later.  

1st alert
Start of 1st 100MB data block
2nd alert 90MB data usage
3rd alert
Start of 2nd 100MB data block
4th alert
190MB data usage
5th alert
Start of 3rd 100MB data block
6th alert 1 hour before 24-hour expiry
7th alert 24 hours from the commencement of the first 100MB data block

To deactivate RoamEasy Daily, SMS <SIGN OFF> to 6818.



  • *New countries added for RoamEasy Daily from 1 June 2016 onwards.
  • Price stated is applicable for International Roaming subscribers . For Pay-As-You-Roam subscribers, a 20% surcharge applies.

DataRoam Daily Unlimited

Unlimited data from as low as $19/day!

Enjoy worry-free data access at $0.02/KB, capped at as  low as $19 per day with DataRoam Daily Unlimited!

No bill shock. No sign up required. Simply log onto the respective preferred partner network in 56 countries to enjoy peace of mind data roaming.

DataRoam Daily Unlimited @ $19/day

View all countries

DataRoam Daily Unlimited @ $25/day

View all countries

DataRoam Daily Unlimited @ $30/day

View all countries
DataRoam Daily Unlimited @ $50/day View all countries

Prices for DataRoam Daily Unlimited will be adjusted to $19/day, $25/day, $30/day or $50/day with effect from 1 June 2016.


  • DataRoam Daily Unlimited plan is not applicable for customers who are subscribed to RoamEasy Daily plan.
  • A 20% surcharge applies for Pay-As-You-Roam customers.

Happy Roam

Forget all your data worries when you travel! With Happy Roam on StarHub Mobile Prepaid, you can surf overseas at Singapore data rates on your travels with just one SIM.

  • Data Roam at Singapore data rates in a host of popular destinations. 
  • No need to switch SIMs on a multi-city trip
  • Data plans from as low as $5 for 1GB! 
  • Easy top up, monitor data usage & more with Happy Prepaid App
  • Enjoy your unused data back in Singapore

For Short Trips

For Long Adventures









(Most Popular!)




(Most Popular!)






All Data Plans are applicable for Happy Roam, including free data given with top-up.  Free 100GB data promotion is not applicable.

Find out more at starhub.com/happy-roam

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