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Prepaid Top-Up

Top-up has never been easier. Choose from 3 different and convenient ways to top up your card and be rewarded when you do.

Top-Up Cards

Prepaid Top-Up Cards

One of the methods to top up your Happy Prepaid SIM card is by using a prepaid top-up card. With no restriction on the type of top-up card you can use, simply pick a card from our wide range of top-up options and you're ready to get started!

Purchase Locations:

StarHub Shops
StarHub Exclusive Partners
StarHub Authorized Retailers
7-Eleven & Cheers


Via Prepaid Hotline:
Step 1: Dial 9850 0000
Step 2: Press 2 to top-up
Step 3: Enter the 10-digit Top-up card number and # key
Step 4: Enter the 6-digit PIN and the # key
Step 5: Wait for top-up confirmation

Via Happy *123#
Step 1: Dial *123*2#
Step 2: Press 2 and enter
Step 3: Enter 10 digit top-up card number and enter
Step 4: Enter 6 digit PIN and enter
Step 5: A confirmation SMS will be sent to you

Happy Prepaid Top-Up Cards

Pick a top-up card that best suits your lifestyle from our range of top-up cards listed below. Each card comes with different denominations and bonus credits, and features different entitlements. Save more on your bills by choosing the right top-up card.

Happy Stars Prepaid Top-Up Cards

Bring out the Happy in you with the top-up card that lets you surf, talk and more from just $17!

Price $8 
Happy Prepaid
Happy Stars
Happy Prepaid^
Happy Stars Plus*
Happy 128
Validity 60 days 30 days 180 days 50 days 50 days
Main balance $8 credits N.A $18 credits $10 credits N.A
Bonus credits N.A N.A $2 N.A N.A
Bundle local Outgoing calls N.A 120 Mins N.A 120 Mins
  • $100 worth of local calls
    & SMS
  • $28 worth of IDD calls
Bundle local SMS 500 500
Free Incoming Calls 30 days 20 days Upon activation via Happy *123# 50 days N.A
Bundled Local Data 200 MB + 30 Days Free WeChat/LINE Plans** 30 MB 400 MB + 50 Days Free WeChat/LINE Plans** 10 MB

* $25 Happy Stars Plus is only available via electronic top up & Happy EZ top up

^$2 Free bonus credit is valid for 30 days and Free 30MB data is valid for 3 days from Top Up

** Valid till 31 December 2014

StarHub – Marina Bay Sands Prepaid Mobile Top-Up Card

  • Price: $30
  • $30 worth of credits
  • FREE 10MB^

Available only at Marina Bay Sands
^ FREE 10MB local data is only valid for 3 days, upon top-up.

Electronic Top-Up

It's easy to do an electronic top-up when you can do it at various ATMs and self-service kiosks throughout the island. Best of all, electronic top-ups can be done 24 hours a day, so you can top up your StarHub Prepaid card anytime you wish. This service is available at AXS & SAM machines, iNets, DBS/POSB ATMs and OCBC ATMs.

Online Top-Up

Topping up is made even easier with our online top-up service. Online payments can be made through eNets or by using any debit or credit cards.

The Happy Stars and Happy $128 top-up denominations are also available online as credit card purchases.

Top up Bonus

Receive FREE Credits and SMS with pre-set top-up denominations for the various top-up options as listed in the table below.

Electronic Top-up Value Credit Validity^(Days) Bonus Credits* Local SMS Free Local Data Available at
$6 60 N.A N.A N.A ALL
$10 120 $1.50** 40** 10MB^^ ALL except DBS/POSB ATM
$12 120 $1.80 48 10MB^^ DBS/POSB ATM only
$20 180 $3.00 80 10MB^^ ALL
$17 (Happy Stars) 30 N.A N.A N.A ALL
(Happy Stars Plus)
50 N.A N.A N.A ALL
$28 (Happy $128) 50 N.A N.A 10MB^^ ALL
$30 180 $4.50 100 10MB^^ ALL
$50 180 $7.50 100 10MB^^ ALL
$80 180 $12.00 100 10MB^^ ALL except DBS/POSB ATM
$120 180 $18.00 100 10MB^^ SAMs and AXS only
$300 180 $45 100 10MB^^ SAMs and AXS only


  • ^All top-ups will extend the validity of the prepaid SIM card of up to 180 days
  • * Bonus credits given are subject to change without prior notice
  • ^^ Free 10MB local data is only valid for 3 days, upon top up.
  • ** Not valid with Internet top-up

Overview of Top-Up Services

Available Top-Up Cards Happy Prepaid Mobile SIM Card MaxMobile Prepaid Internet SIM Card
$18/$38 Happy Prepaid Top-Up Card Applicable Applicable
$30 Marina Bay Sands Prepaid Top-Up Card Applicable Applicable
$17 Happy Stars and $25 Happy Stars Plus Prepaid Top-up card Applicable N.A
$28 Happy 128 Prepaid Top-Up Card Applicable N.A
Available Top-Up Methods
Internet Top-Up via Credit/Debit Cards or eNets Applicable Applicable
POSB/DBS ATMs Applicable Applicable
OCBC ATMs Applicable Applicable
SingPost/SAMs Applicable Applicable
AXS Stations Applicable Applicable
iNETS Kiosk Applicable Applicable