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Validity Extension Packs for Prepaid Main Wallet


Have unused credit that are expiring soon? All StarHub Mobile Prepaid  subscribers can now extend the Main wallet validity of their active voice SIM with a nominal fee by dialing *123*200#. Simply follow on-screen instructions to choose your desired number of days of extension. You will receive an SMS upon successful activation.

Number of days


30 days $0.60
60 days $0.99
90 days $1.40


Multiple packs can be purchased as long as your main wallet validity does not exceed the maximum period of 180 days.

Happy Xtra Service


Have you ever been in a situation where your call was abruptly terminated due to the insufficient credit balance on your prepaid mobile line? Now, thanks to the Happy Xtra Service, you will never have to face that situation again! 

With this service, you can redeem 2 minutes of local talktime* and 10 local outgoing SMS, FREE, so you will always be able to complete calls even before your next top-up.


*1st min block deduction applies.

Happy Transfer


Top up your loved ones mobile numbers with Happy Transfer.



Make affordable calls to China and Malaysia with IDD 016.

Philippines IDD Pack


Call home to Philippines with lowest IDD rates at just 16.7cents/min!

Social Data Plans


Enjoy non-stop voice chat, messaging, sending images and voice recordings

Now you can interact with your loved ones via WeChat or LINE, without worrying about data bills.

Data Advance


Get data first and pay later! With Data Advance, you can get data when you need it the most. This means you can continue to stay connected when you run out of credits to purchase a data plan. Simply accept the SMS invite and make payment in the next top-up. You will be charged a service fee for each advance you take.
Terms & Conditions apply.

Connecting Tones


Connecting Tones is a mobile Value-Added Service that lets your callers hear a song when they call your mobile phone.

Service subscription fee**


(with FREE StarHub Connecting Tones)

Each Connecting Tones purchase


On-Demand Unlimited Incoming Calls


Enjoy unlimited incoming calls when you activate this on-demand service. 

One-time Activation Fee


Daily Charges

$0.59 / day

Prepaid Mobile Value-added Services FAQ