• 													StarHub mobile broadband -
    typical speeds

    Giving you the lowdown from the get-go.
  • StarHub mobile broadband -
    typical speeds

    Giving you the lowdown from the get-go.
A mobile network designed for everyone

When you subscribe to StarHub Mobile Broadband, you’re not only getting internet connection for your devices, but a superfast network that lets you surf and play worry-free. Here, we publish on a quarterly basis, our mobile broadband performance under actual conditions. The results show that current average speeds would be more than enough for common purposes, whether you are surfing social media, streaming entertainment, or multi-tasking both.

Testing mobile broadband speeds

Here’s how we put our network to the test:

  1. Mobile phones: Are used as end-user devices to measure the typical speeds of the mobile broadband plans.
  2. Time: Measurements are taken throughout the day at various parts of Singapore during each quarter, with at least 200 measurement samples for each speed category. This helps us achieve consistency in our network speeds for your mobile broadband.
  3. Test locations: Measurement locations change from quarter to quarter to ensure that nothing is left out in our tests. For measurements in Q2 2016, the measurements when in both stationary position and on-the-move included these areas (both speeds are reflected in the results below): Woodlands Dr 50, Canberra Road, Yishun Ring Road, Choa Chu Kang North 5, Yishun Ring Road, Tampines St 23, Pasir Ris St 11, Bedok North Ave 1, East Shore Hospital, Changi Business Park, Gangsa Road, Bukit Batok East Ave 3, Tiong Bahru Plaza, Tiong Bahru Estate, Gangsa Road, Tuas South Ave 3, Benoi Crescent No 16, Jurong Point, Jurong West St 64 and Jurong Estate.
  4. Servers: The measurement of the typical speeds is conducted with FTP servers located in Singapore, Hong Kong and United States of America. A file size of at least 20Mb is used for all measurement tests. (Below is a simple representation illustrating our measurement set-up.)

And here are the results
Mobile Broadband XS/S/M/L/XL 4G 300M, 4G 3, 4G 4, 4G 5, 4G 6, 4G 12 and MaxMobile Elite 2GB/6GB/11GB
SmartSurf HD Value,
SmartSurf HD Plus,
SmartSurf HD Premium and SmartBuddy
MaxMobile Lite (6GB) Other Mobile Voice Plans with Data Access
Theoretical Local Download Speed
Up to 1Gbps
Up to 300Mbps
Up to 75Mbps
Up to 21Mbps
Up to 7.2Mbps
Typical Download Speed Range (Stationary)
60 – 380Mbps
30 – 120Mbps
42 – 66Mbps
3.2 – 16.8Mbps
2.4 – 5.7Mbps
Typical Download Speed Range (On-the-Move)
40 – 160Mbps
30 – 100Mbps
14 – 60Mbps
2.8 – 10.2Mbps
3.0 – 5.8Mbps


  • Typical download speeds from stationary and on-the-move tests are shown for the period of January – March 2018.
  • Speed range of tests indicated what mobile users are likely to experience around 80% of the time.
  • It is important to note that these typical speeds are not guaranteed speeds as they are meant to reflect what mobile users would experience in actual conditions. StarHub envisages that such speeds could change from time to time as it is dependent on various factors including: location, time of access, the amount of network traffic, web servers accessed, and mobile device performance to environmental factors.


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