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World News

BBC World News (HD) Ch 701

CGTN Ch 722

CNBC (HD) Ch 707

CNN (HD) Ch 711

Fox News Channel Ch 702

Sky News (HD) Ch 703


BBC Earth (HD) Ch 407

Crime + Investigation™ (HD) Ch 403

Crime + Investigation™ On Demand HD2 Ch 400

CuriosityStream HD2 Ch 422

CuriosityStream On Demand HD2,3 Ch 400

HISTORY™ (HD) Ch 401

HISTORY™ On Demand HD2 Ch 400

H2 (HD) Ch 402

H2 On Demand HD2 Ch 400

National Geographic (HD) Ch 411

National Geographic Play HD2 Ch 400

Nat Geo People (HD) Ch 412

Nat Geo Wild (HD) Ch 413

Smithsonian Channel HD2 Ch 415

Smithsonian Channel on Demand HD2 Ch 400


Animax (HD) Ch 532

AXN (HD) Ch 511

AXN On Demand HD2 Ch 500

BBC First HD2 Ch 522

Blue Ant Entertainment HD2 Ch 509

Blue Ant Entertainment HD On Demand2 Ch 500

Comedy Central Asia (HD) Ch 516

Comedy Central Asia On Demand HD2 Ch 500

DIVA (HD) Ch 513


FOX (HD) Ch 505


FOXCRIME Play HD2 Ch 500

FOX Life (HD) Ch 501

FOX Life Play HD2 Ch 500

FOX Play HD2 Ch 500

HITS (HD) Ch 519

HITS Replay HD2 Ch 500

Lifetime™ (HD) Ch 514

Lifetime™ On Demand HD2 Ch 500

MTV Asia Ch 533

Sony Channel HD2 Ch 510

Sony Channel On Demand HD2 Ch 500

Warner TV (HD) Ch 515

Warner TV Encore HD2 Ch 500


BabyTV Ch 302

Boomerang HD2 Ch 317

Boomerang On Demand HD2 Ch 300

Cartoon Network Ch 316

Cartoon Network On Demand HD2 Ch 300

CBeebies (HD) Ch 303

Disney Channel (HD) Ch 312

Disney Channel On Demand HD2 Ch 300

Disney Junior Ch 311

Disney Junior on Demand2 Ch 300

Disney XD (HD) Ch 310

Disney XD on Demand HD2 Ch 300

Nick Jr. Ch 304

Nick Jr. On Demand Ch 300

Nickelodeon (HD) Ch 314

Nickelodeon On Demand HD2 Ch 300


BBC Lifestyle (HD)2 Ch 432

Blue Ant Extreme HD2 Ch 428

Blue Ant Extreme HD On Demand2 Ch 450

E! Entertainment (HD)2 Ch 441

E! NOW HD2 Ch 450

E! ZONE HD2 Ch 450

FX (HD) Ch 507

FX Play HD2 Ch 450

FYITM (HD) Ch 404

FYITM On Demand HD2 Ch 450

Gusto TV HD2 Ch 434

Gusto TV On Demand HD4 Ch 450

Makeful HD Ch 436

Makeful On Demand HD5 Ch 450

Travelxp HD2 Ch 427

Travelxp On Demand HD2 Ch 450

Chinese Infotainment

Asia Travel (HD) Ch 833

CTI TV (HD) Ch 827

Phoenix Chinese Channel (HD) Ch 805

Phoenix InfoNews Channel (HD) Ch 806

TVBS Asia Ch 828

Chinese Entertainment

GEM HD2 Ch 814

Hub E City (HD) Ch 825

KBS World (HD) Ch 815

Oh!K HD2 Ch 816

ONE (English) Ch 820

ONE (HD) Ch 823

ONE On Demand HD2 Ch 850


TVB8 (HD) Ch 829

TVB Classic Channel Ch 858


TVB Xing He Channel Ch 859

tvN (HD) Ch 824

tvN VOD HD2 Ch 850



Apps Ch 899

Arirang TV Ch 817

ABC Australia Ch 447

Bloomberg Television (HD) Ch 708

Chinese Business Network TV Ch 809

DW (Deutsch) Ch 153

Guangxi Television Ch 831 

Hub E City (HD)1 Ch 111

Hub Sports Arena Ch 112 / 205

Love Nature HD2 Ch 416

MaxToon HD2 Ch 322


Russia Today Ch 151


  • 1FreeView of E City (Ch 111) will end on 31 December 2018.
  • 2HD-enabled set-top box is required. Standard Definition set-top box will not be able to view this channel.
  • 3CuriosityStream On Demand HD will be launched on 20 August 2018.
  • 4Gusto TV On Demand HD will be launched on 21 August 2018.
  • 5Makeful On Demand HD will be launched on 1 September 2018.

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