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Top shows to watch

UEFA Champions League & UEFA Europa League 2019/20
17 Sep 2019 onwards

FIBA Basketball World Cup
31 Aug-15 Sept

Every Tue and Wed

Premieres 25 Sep, Every Wed, 9.45pm
Same day as the U.S.

Arrow S8
Premieres 16 Oct, Every Wed, 9pm
Same day as the U.S.

Killing Eve S1 and S2
Available Now

Love And Destiny
Available Now

Hotel Del Luna
Every Tue & Wed, 9.45pm

The Great Show
Available Now


  • *Data free streaming is only available to StarHub postpaid mobile customers. Customers are required to set their mobile data access point (APN) to ‘shwap’ in order to enjoy streaming with no data charges.
  • The 50% discount for Go Max applies for the first 12 continuous months. The usual price of $39.80/month for Go Max will apply from 13th month onwards.


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