1. Do I need to keep the Digital Voice Home equipment powered on at all times? What happens if there is a power failure?

The Digital Voice Home equipment needs to be powered on at all times. It will not work if there is a power failure.

2. Does keeping the Digital Voice Home equipment powered on at all times consume a lot of electricity?

The Digital Voice Home equipment is a low-power device, so it consumes very little electricity. Typical power consumption is below 10 watts. It is approximately the same as operating a cordless phone.

3. How do I know if the Digital Voice Home equipment is working?

Please refer to the Digital Voice Home equipment information found in the product handbook. Typically, the various LED indicators found on the Digital Voice Home equipment signal whether the device is functioning properly.

4. If I were advised to reset the Digital Voice Home equipment because of a problem with my broadband connection, would the Digital Voice Home service be affected?

The Digital Voice Home service would be temporarily unavailable while the Digital Voice Home equipment is re-booting and performing the startup diagnostics. You can resume using the service once you hear the standard dial tone. However, please note that your previous setting for your VAS, e.g. 'Do Not Disturb', may be reset to the default setting. As such, you may need to re-activate the VAS again once the Digital Voice Home equipment is rebooted.

5. Does the Digital Voice Home equipment have standby power backup?

No, the Digital Voice Home equipment does not have standby power back-up. It will not work in the event of a power failure, and you cannot make any outgoing calls or receive incoming calls.

For users who are concerned about power-related disruptions, we would like to suggest that they consider installing a back-up power option such as Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) unit. The benefit of having an UPS is that it would provide back-up power in the event of a power failure, not just for the Digital Voice Home equipment, but also for PC and other connected equipment.

6. What should I do if my Digital Voice Home equipment has no dial tone?

Please reset the Digital Voice Home equipment by switching off the power and switching it on again. When the Digital Voice Home equipment is powered on, you may have to wait for up to several minutes before it completes the start-up sequence and acquires a dial tone.

Upon resetting the Digital Voice Home equipment, please check the following:

  • Digital Voice Home equipment is powered on
  • RJ-11 cable is connected securely to the phone jack of the Digital Voice Home equipment. If you have a single telephone line, it should usually be connected to phone jack number 1, unless you have been advised by us otherwise.
  • RJ-11 cable is connected securely to your standard telephone set or cordless telephone set.

7. In the event of a network failure/maintenance, will my Digital Voice Home service still work?

All networks need regular maintenance, and on rare occasions may even fail. However, most of the maintenance work is done over a relatively short period of time during early morning hours and should be unnoticeable to the vast majority of users. Whether our Digital Voice Home service would be affected as a result would depend very much on the nature of the maintenance work being performed.

8. Can I re-use my existing wiring for the extension points for Digital Voice Home?

While we would like to assist our customers to cut down on costs whenever possible, the feasibility of re-using existing wiring is dependent on several factors like accessibility, age, condition and compatibility of the wiring and ownership of the wiring. Upon request, StarHub can recommend reliable wiring contractors to do the job at reasonable rates (customers are to contact the contractors directly).

The contractors can perform a site survey, assess the extent the existing wiring and extension points can be re-used, and perform the wiring works to connect to our Digital Voice Home service.

The recommended charges payable to the contractors are as follows:

  • Site survey charge : $32.10 payable whether the existing wiring can or cannot be re-used)
  • Commissioning charge for telephone point : $5.35 per telephone point
  • Commissioning charge for data point : $10.70 per data point

All prices are inclusive of GST.


  • The above rates may be revised by the contractors from time to time.
  • StarHub's role is solely that of providing the contractors' contact information to customers.
  • Customers are to liaise with and pay the charges directly to the wiring contractors.
  • It may not be possible to re-use the existing wiring in instances whereby the wiring is concealed or otherwise inaccessible.
  • The contractors may need owners to sign an authorization letter to allow them to perform the wiring works.
  • Customers are advised to consult your vendor first in the event that the internal wiring is connected to a home security system.

9. Is the cable modem safe to use as it is using a LAN concept? Is there any firewall on the server to protect data integrity even up to the level of individual modem units?

It is safe to use as a LAN concept. However, users are responsible for implementing their own precautionary measures at the PC level. That is no different from accessing the Internet through other means of connection.

As an added precaution, users are advised:

  • To disable their file and printer sharing options in their operating system.
  • Not to run software programmes that already have security problems.
  • To be well-informed of security loopholes by subscribing to security sites on the Internet. Most of these subscriptions are free.
  • To install a firewall on the PC. Free firewall software like Zonealarm can be easily downloaded from ZoneLabs or for more firewall reviews, please refer to zdnet to install anti-virus software and update the programme regularly.

10. Who can I contact if I have technical issues with my Digital Voice Home equipment?

For all router related issue, please contact Huawei Technical Support Service 24/7 Hotline at 65014280. For Digital Voice, MaxOnline and MaxInfinity issues, please contact our Customer Care hotline at 1633.