Digital Voice Softphone FAQ

1. I am not an existing Digital Voice Global customer, how do I sign up for Digital Voice Softphone?

You can sign up for Digital Voice Global and Digital Voice Softphone services at any StarHub shop, or authorized dealer and purchase an IAD.

2. Can I use the Digital Voice Global IAD and Softphone, with the same phone number, at the same time?

No, you can only use either the IAD or the Softphone at any one time. If you try to connect both IAD and Softphone at the same time, you are likely to encounter dial tone, connection or voice quality issues.

3. Can I have concurrent access to the Digital Voice Softphone application?

Concurrent access to the various versions of the Digital Voice Softphone application (PC, iPhone, iPad and/or Android version) is not allowed.

4. Can I connect multiple devices to the Digital Voice Global service?

You can only connect one device at any one time to the Digital Voice Global service. This device can either be an IAD, Digital Voice Softphone on PC, or Digital Voice Softphone on iPhone/iPad/Android.

5. Is there a different Login ID and Password for iPhone/iPad /Android versions of the Digital Voice Softphone?

The same Login ID and Password applies to PC and iPhone/iPad/Android versions of the Digital Voice Softphone.

6.What are the supported devices for the Digital Voice Softphone?

Please refer to the list of supported devices.

7. Is the Android version of the Digital Voice Softphone applicable to all Android devices?

No, the Android version of the Digital Voice Softphone will only work with the list of supported models and OS versions stated on our website. We cannot guarantee that the Digital Voice Softphone will work seamlessly with other Android devices which are not listed on our website.

12. Why is there interference/background noise when using the Softphone application on my Android phone?

Interference or background noise could be due to high input gain level on the microphone. To minimise the background noise, you can adjust the microphone settings after login.

Press on the hardware “Menu” button. A “Settings” option menu will be displayed at the bottom of the screen (see picture below). You should be able to adjust the microphone gain settings.

13. What should I do if I have changed my computer or my computer hard-drive has malfunctioned?

You can re-install the Softphone on another computer.

14. Will all the Value-Added Services I have subscribed to be able to work on the Softphone?

Currently, there are several value-added services, such as 3-Party Call, Call Waiting and Call Transfer which are not supported on the Softphone.

15. When MaxMobile gets disconnected, will I be able to use Digital Voice Softphone?

The Digital Voice Softphone installed on your PC requires a broadband connection to work. As long as the broadband connection is good, you should be able to use the Digital Voice Softphone. If your MaxMobile gets disconnected, you will not be able to use your Digital Voice Softphone, unless your PC is connected via other broadband connections e.g. via Ethernet connection or Wifi.

16. Sometimes the MaxMobile connection becomes intermittent, especially when I am travelling. Will this affect the Digital Voice Softphone connectivity and/or voice quality?

If your PC is connected to the Internet using MaxMobile and the connection becomes intermittent or congested, this will affect the Digital Voice Softphone connectivity and voice quality.

17. I encounter issues when trying to login and/or use the Digital Voice Softphone. At the same time, I also can’t surf the internet using my MaxMobile access. What should I do?

This is most likely because your PC is not connected to the Internet via your MaxMobile. You may wish to re-establish your MaxMobile connection. Alternatively, please try other broadband network connections using ethernet/wireless access e.g. MaxOnline.

18. Will Digital Voice Softphone work with all camera models for video calls?

Generally, if your camera can be used with other applications or programs on your PC and you are able to use Digital Voice Softphone for voice calls, you should be able to make video calls on the Digital Voice Softphone. However, there is a possibility that certain camera hardware may not be compatible with Digital Voice Softphone.

These are some of the camera models which StarHub has been able to use successfully with Digital Voice Softphone. Please note that this list is not exhaustive.

Camera Brand





V-UBQ42 / QuickCam E1000





19. I am not able to see local/remote video images on my Digital Voice Softphone, what should I do?

Please perform the basic troubleshooting steps as set out in the troubleshooting section. At times, you may need to restart the video calls. Scenarios such as network congestion, or slow broadband access can prevent establishing successful video calls.

20. Will video calls affect the voice quality?

Generally, when your PC is connected to high speed broadband, video calls should not affect voice quality as the voice packets will have higher priority than video packets being routed. However, when there is network congestion, the video images may not be as clear. In cases where there is greater network congestion, making video calls may further degrade the quality of voice calls.

21. Is there a minimum broadband speed for Digital Voice Global to work properly?

When making single-party video calls , the minimum bandwidth required for each Digital Voice line per broadband connection is 300Kbps for both up-stream and down-stream. For voice calls, the bandwidth required is 128Kbps. Please ensure that your broadband provides higher bandwidth for better quality service.



  • The above recommendation does not take into account simultaneous heavy Internet data usage activity, such as the downloading or uploading of huge files, which will affect the voice and/or video quality.