Phone Directory Search FAQs


Online Directory Search

1. How do I search for the number or address of a StarHub business customer?

Starting 1 January 2014, you may access the online StarHub Number Directory by going to the "Voice" section of the StarHub website and clicking "StarHub Number Directory".
Alternatively, you may use Online Directory Search

2. Some of the records have no address. Why is that so?

We will not display an address if there is no registered service address.

3. What is the maximum number of records the online search portal can display? Is there any way to search for more after the maximum number of records is displayed?

There is a maximum display of 250 records. We recommend users to carry out more specific searches in order to narrow down the search records.

4. Why do you restrict each search to a minimum of three characters?

We believe three characters is the optimum number to begin your search. We recommend users to carry out more specific searches in order to narrow down the search records retrieved.

1. Why do you publish my business listings on your website?

We are offering an online directory as part of a value added service through which internet users may search for StarHub's business listings.
2. I do not have a PC. How may I access the business telephone numbers?

To search for a StarHub number, you may dial '100' to access the directory enquiry service. StarHub fixed-line customers will enjoy three free directory enquiries per billing month. The fixed-line customers can also utilise the free directory enquiry for residential telephone numbers.

3. If I am a StarHub fixed-line customer, how will the free directory enquiries be reflected in my monthly bill?

The three free directory enquiries charges will be listed under the item of "Directory Enquiry" in your bill for the following month.
4.  I do not want my business listings on StarHub's online directory search. What should I do?

Please contact your StarHub Account Manager for details.

5. I could not locate my friend’s residential number from StarHub’s online directory search. Why is that so?

We are no longer offering residential online directory search starting from 1 Apr 2014.  However, if you are StarHub fixed line customer, you are still able to use the directory enquiry service (by dialing “100”) to obtain the telephone number of the listed residential customer.  Fixed-line customers can enjoy three free directory enquires per billing month. 

6. I could not get my friend’s residential number from directory enquiry 100 service. Why is that so?

All fixed-line customers have the choice of whether or not to display their numbers in the directory. 

Only customers that have chosen to list their numbers can be located in the directory search.

7. I am an existing DVH customer before 1st Apr 2014, how can I get my number unlisted and not to be in directory enquiry?

Please contact our Customer Service for registration.