How to set up your Wireless Broadband


Wireless Broadband - Set-up and Installation 

1. What is the Wireless technology behind StarHub Wireless Broadband Hub?

StarHub Wireless Broadband Hub is based on the IEEE802.11b standard that uses the 2.4GHz radio frequency band and is approved under the international body ISM (Industrial, Scientific and Medical) Band.

2. What equipment do I need to access into StarHub Wireless Broadband?

To access StarHub Wireless Broadband Hubs, users will need

  • Either a WiFi Compatible laptop or PDA (such as Compaq iPAQ or Palm Tungsten C) with PCMCIA or Compact Flash Type I expansion slot (minimum), depending on the type of your Wireless Network Interface Card (NIC).
  • An IEEE802.11b compliant Wireless NIC
  • A StarHub wireless account

3. What is a PCMCIA slot or card?

PCMCIA card is a memory or input/output device that connects to the notebook or handheld computers PDA. The PCMCIA slot is found on the laptop or handheld computerPDA, which allows the PCMCIA card to be inserted.

4. Do I need to use Cisco Wireless network interface cards in order to access to StarHub Wireless Broadband Hub? Is Cisco the only Wireless equipment provider StarHub Internet is partnering with?

We have tested Cisco's Wireless access points and Wireless NICs and are satisfied with its performance in terms of robustness and security.

For IEEE 802.11b compliant Wireless NICs, customers can also choose to use those provided by other wireless equipment vendors, such as Nokia.

5. Will StarHub provide installation of the wireless NIC Card?

No, you need to install the card driver and utility from the CD-ROM provided with the card.

6. What do I need to do after purchasing my Wireless Network Interface Card?

You will need to install the driver software that is provided with the card onto your laptop, handheld computers and PDAs.

Ensure that upon completing the installation of the driver, set your service set identifier (SSID) as ACCESS-StarHub. (Please note that SSID is Caps sensitive). This is to ensure that you associate to the Access Points at our wireless broadband hub and see our service login page.

Please check with the relevant vendor from whom you have purchased the card on how to set the SSID in your card utility.

For instructions for changing of some of the recommended Wireless Card, please click here. 

7. How do I login to access the StarHub Wireless Broadband?

Launch your Internet browser or email software.

You will encounter the login page (wallgarden) for StarHub Wireless Broadband Hub Service.

At the login page for the service, type in your StarHub user id and password that are provided upon signing up for our service.

Upon authentication, a default web page will be launched. Remember to logout after every session when you finish by typing “logout.” In the address bar of the browser.

8. Do I need to change my browser settings?

For Netscape Navigator and Internet Exlorer users, you will not need to change any browser settings. You are advised to use at least version 4.76 for Navigator and version 5.5 for Explorer.

9. Do I need to change my email settings?

You do not need to change your email settings to access StarHub Wireless Broadband Hub service.

10. How do I logout?

In your browser “Address” bar, you should type logout. (including the period).

11. What is the Internet access speed at StarHub Wireless Hotspots?

Users can surf the Internet with speeds up to 11Mbps. The access speed experienced at our Wireless Broadband Hubs is dependent on several factors, including:

  • Distance from the wireless access base station
  • Number of users surfing at the same time at each hub
  • Performance of the Wireless Network Interface Card (NIC) used
  • Type of application the user is running on his laptop or PDA

12. What is the signal coverage distance at each hotspot?

The signal coverage of each hotspot is typically about 20-30 metres in radius from the wireless base station.

The signal strength may be affected if there are barriers, such as a wall, between the users and the wireless base station. Other factors affecting the signal coverage strength include:

  • Number of users at the hotspot
  • Presence of electrical emissions or signals from transmitting or receiving devices
  • Line of coverage

13. What are the procedures involved if I am interested in setting up a wireless broadband infrastructure for my company?

First, you would need to have the LAN (Local Area Network) set-up in your office. Next, you would need to conduct a site survey to determine the most optimum location to mount or install a Wireless Access Point (AP) based on IEEE 802.11b standard at the appropriate location in your office. The AP is connected to the fixed LAN point in your office just like any of the PC. The last requirement is of course to install the Wireless NIC (Network Interface Card) onto the laptop or PDA (such as Compaq iPAQ, ) of your users. It is recommended that you appoint a system integrator to help you in the WLAN set-up.

For more details on our Wireless Broadband packages for corporate customers and exhibitors and seminar organisers, please call our hotline 6825 7500 or email us at



1. Do I need to change my browser settings to be able to access StarHub Wireless Broadband?

For Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer users, you need not change any browser settings. You are advised to use at least version 4.76 for Navigator and version 5.5 for Explorer.

2. Do I need to change my email settings?


3. If I have 2 different User IDs & passwords for my company LAN and POP3 mail access, which User-ID & password should I use to access the service at the hotspot?

For Windows 98 & ME users, you can simply press "ESC" at the initial Windows Login screen when using our wireless Internet. Once you are inside Windows, you must use your StarHub Internet email userid and password to login to our wireless Internet.

For Windows NT, 2000 & XP users, at the initial Windows Login screen you should use your normal Windows Login password to login to Windows. Once you are inside Windows, you must use your StarHub Internet email userid and password to login to our wireless Internet.

4. Can I login to 2 different systems at different locations using ONE Wireless Broadband account?

No. We do not allow concurrent multiple logins.

5. I am associated to the Access Point but still unable to surf. What can be the issue?

If you are unable to connect to the Internet, it may be necessary to verify your IP (Internet Protocol) configuration. The correct procedure depends on whether your laptop is running Windows 95/98 or Windows NT/2000/XP.

For Windows 95/98:

1. Click Start -> Run and type "winipcfg" and click OK.

2. On the Windows IP Configuration window, select your Ethernet adapter from the drop-down list.

3. Click Release, and then Renew.

4. If you receive a valid IP address, (that is, one other than or, click OK to accept changes, then reboot your computer.

5. After reboot, attempt to connect.

For Windows NT/2000/XP:

1. Click Start -> Run and type "cmd", and press Enter.

2. At the Command prompt, type: ipconfig, and press Enter.

3. Type "ipconfig/release" and press Enter.

4. Type "ipconfig/renew" and press Enter.

5. If you are assigned a valid IP address, (that is, one other than or, attempt to connect.