WiFi Assessment FAQ


  1. What is WiFi Assessment?
    WiFi Assessment is a Broadband Value-Added-Service (VAS) provided by our Hub Troopers to help you assess your wireless home network and recommend the optimum WiFi point placement so as to get the most ideal network coverage.

  2. What does the service consists of?
    The service consists of:
    • An assessment of your home network coverage with the use of enterprise grade WiFi analyser
    • Recommendation of optimum WiFi point/s placement based on your home signal interferences and structural impediments
    • A customized WiFi report entailing your home WiFi signal strength and optimum WiFi point/s placement

  3. How much do you charge for the service?
    The service is offered at one time charge of $88 with GST. It does not include the purchase of equipment, installation of the equipment and other prevailing charges.

  4. When can I take up the service?
    The service can be taken up at any time when you have an active broadband service with StarHub. The service is however best taken up when you first sign up or recontract your broadband service so that your network coverage can be optimised according to your unique floor plan.

  5. What can I expect on the day of assessment?
    On the day of assessment, a StarHub certified Hub Trooper will visit your home. Our Hub Trooper will:
    • Measure your WiFi signal strength at every room with use of enterprise grade WiFi analyser
    • Recommend the optimum placement of router or mesh based on your in-home structural limitations and source of interferences
    • Present you a Broadband Connectivity Report entailing the WiFi measurement at every room and a drawn floor plan with recommended WiFi point/s placement
    • If required, Google WiFi mesh technology can be demonstrated to assess the extended WiFi coverage in your premise

  6. What is the WiFi analyser tool used for the service?
    Our Hub Trooper is equipped with enterprise grade tool, Netscout’s AirCheck G2 Wireless Tester to measure the WiFi signal at your home. Netscout specialises in network performance management products and AirCheck G2 Wireless Tester is a purpose built hardware to perform detailed WiFi analysis.

  7. Can I get the Hub Trooper to return for more assessments?
    No, the Hub Trooper will not be able to return for more assessments as WiFi Assessment is a one time service. You will have to sign-up for the service again for subsequent assessments.