System Requirements


What are the system requirements for Cable and Fibre Broadband?

Recommended hardware:

  • Dual core 2.4Ghz or better
  • 2GB ram (dual channel) or better
  • Discrete graphic card
  • Wireless N adapter supporting MIMO technology or higher
  • 1000Mbps LAN
  • Windows XP (SP3) / MAC OS X 10.5 or later

Recommended settings for optimal speed:

  • Turn-off windows firewall
  • Turn-off anti-virus firewall
  • Computer to be free from virus, malware and worms (to prevent background downloading)
  • No programs/live updates should be running in the background ( eg. bittorent, windows update, virus definition update, etc)
  • Latest driver/firmware for all hardwares (motherboard, wireless adapter, etc)
  • Latest updated OS
  • Latest updated web browser
  • Recommended wireless encryption (WPA2 with AES)
  • Wireless signal should not be affected by interference from other electronic devices (eg. radio, cordless phone, television, etc)
  • Line of sight between wireless devices (router should not be blocked by walls, cupboards, etc)
  • Laptop should be powered via power adapter rather than using batteries only and performance should be set to maximum (not to be on power saving modes)
  • Transmit power for wireless adapter should be set to maximum
  • Test should be run a couple of times as the computer tends to perform some caching and hence the results for the first test is usually poorer
Utilities for advance users:
  • TCP optimizers



  • The minimum system requirement for the hardware may vary. We recommend that you adhere to the minimum system specifications stated herein, or those specified for the hardware that you purchased, whichever is higher. StarHub will not be liable for any connection issues or disruptions arising from users' computers being incompatible or not meeting the minimum system requirements for their modems.

Do I need to install a cable point to subscribe to Cable Broadband?

Regardless of the type of house you live in (ie. HDB, private highrise or landed property) or its location, a connection from StarHub’s network to your home is necessary. You will also need a cable point at a desired location of your home where you wish to enjoy Cable Broadband.

If you already have a cable point, it will be necessary for StarHub to install a chargeable splitter on the existing cable point. The technician may perform quality assurance tests before deeming the service operational, and, if necessary, will recommend rewiring of the cable point to meet proper specifications.

How do I know if my home is cable-ready?

Customers are advised to do the following checks:

  • If you are staying in a private condominium, please check with your respective building management for cable readiness.
  • If you are staying in a HDB, more than 99% of all homes are cable ready. Check and see if you have a StarHub Cable Vision cable point installed. 

You can also check if you have a StarHub preview channel, which indicates 743.25Mhz.

If you are not sure, please call our Customer Care at 1633 to check for your unit’s cable readiness.


  • The above serves as guidelines for checking the cable readiness of your home. Notwithstanding this FAQ, please call our Customer Care at 1633 if you need to further verify that your unit is cable ready.