• Digital Video
    Storage Devices

    Never miss your shows ever again!
  • Digital Video
    Storage Devices

    Never miss your shows ever again!

Record your favourite shows with a Digital Video Storage Device

Benefits of Smart TV™

  • One-touch recording
  • Record by show titles and entire series
  • Pause and rewind TV
  • Stores up to 30 hours in HD or 160 hours in SD TV
  • Sharing of content in Digital Video Storage Devices*

*Important: Sharing of content in Digital Video Storage Device can only be viewed on only Samsung HD Interactive set-top box within the same household. Cisco HD Interactive set-top box does not support sharing of Digital Video Storage Device within multiple boxes in the same household.


Plug & Record in 2 simple steps

  1. Connect the Digital Video Storage Device to your HD Interactive or Fibre TV Set-Top Box
  2. Press the BLUE button on your remote control to subscribe to Smart TV™ value-added service at only $4.28/month and start recording instantly

Digital Video Storage Device
Hard Disk Model My Passport 1 TB My Passport 2 TB
Capacity 1024 GB 2048 GB 
Estimated Recording Hours 450 SD hours
250 HD hours
900 SD hours
500 HD hours 
Retail Price $89 (w/GST) $139 (w/GST) 
Warranty 3 years from Western Digital
Compatible Set Top Box
Samsung HD Interactive/ Fibre TV Set-Top Box
Available for purchase Selected StarHub Shops

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