• Typical Speed

  • Typical Speed

Learn about the typical speed range of our broadband plans.

Cable Home Broadband Plans
Subscribed Local Download Speed 10Mbps 25Mbps 50Mbps 100Mbps
International Speed 6Mbps 12Mbps 18Mbps Assured 20Mbps

Fibre Home Broadband Plans
Subscribed Local Download Speed 100Mbps
200Mbps 300Mbps 500Mbps 1Gbps
International Speed+ Unlimited Bandwidth#
Assured Speed of 20Mbps Assured Speed of 25Mbps Assured Speed of 30Mbps

Typical Speed Range
Typical Download Speeds Local International
25Mbps 26.21Mbps – 26.22Mbps 21.78Mbps – 23.05Mbps
50Mbps 52.40Mbps – 52.42Mbps 32.34Mbps – 44.94Mbps
100Mbps 103.72Mbps – 104.67Mbps 75.99Mbps – 86.59Mbps
100Mbps 92.2Mbps – 107.9Mbps 75.1Mbps – 97.1Mbps
150Mbps 125.8Mbps – 155.6Mbps 94.7Mbps – 121.3Mbps
200Mbps 129.4Mbps – 204.7Mbps 120.5Mbps – 160.2Mbps
300Mbps 185.6Mbps – 304.9Mbps 147.2Mbps – 213.7Mbps
500Mbps 326.6Mbps – 508.1Mbps 270.3Mbps – 448.6Mbps
1Gbps 679.2Mbps – 1000.0Mbps 539.2Mbps – 594.0Mbps


  • *Results are based on multiple PCs experiencing download concurrently.
  • The Typical Speed Range is computed to reflect that at least 80% of the time, a customer should experience the lower bound speed or higher. Measurement are based on peak and non peak periods (peak period s are from 6pm to 2am, weekdays and 11am to 2am, weekends. Modems use in the speed measurement are Docsis 3 (cable broadband) and Home Gateway (fibre broadband). Data is accurate and updated as of 1 January 2017.
  • Results are measured using StarHub International Speedtest utilities to a US server.
  • Please note that results from 3rd party speed test servers may differ greatly. StarHub is not able to control the quality of connection beyond its own network. StarHub has no visibility over their configuration and limitation of any 3rd party speedtest server and their networks quality that may produce different/varying results. Learn how to perform a speedtest.
  • #Assured Typical Speed of 20Mbps, 25Mbps and 30Mbps, 95% of the time during Peak Hours.
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