Hub Club Discounts


What is the monthly discount value I can enjoy on my StarHub services as a Hub Club member?

As our most valued customers, Hub Club members can enjoy up to 30% monthly discount on their post-paid mobile, 10% discount on their StarHub TV service (exclude StarHub TV Lite) and a 5% discount on their StarHub Home Broadband services.

  • In addition, mobile lines registered under same NRIC/FIN and service/registered address residential address as the StarHub TV service, will be automatically nominated to enjoy higher Hub Club discounts.

The more mobile lines you have, the higher discount tier you will enjoy:

  • Enjoy up to 30% off StarHub post-paid mobile lines
    • 15% discount off monthly subscription for 1 mobile line
    • 20% discount off monthly subscription for 2 mobile lines
    • 25% discount off monthly subscription for 3 mobile lines
    • 30% discount off monthly subscription for 4, 5 & 6 mobile lines
  • 10% off StarHub TV service
  • 5% off StarHub Home Broadband service

Is there an end date for the Hub Club Discounts?

Yes, the monthly discounts on the 3 StarHub services will apply from the next bill cycle upon confirmation of your Hub Club membership until 31 December 2018. All nominated services must be active at all times in order for Hub Club Discounts to apply.

Is the monthly Hub Club Discount applicable for my entire mobile, StarHub TV and StarHub Home Broadband bills?

The tiered discount on post-paid mobile subscription applies only to the net recurring subscription charges payable for the subscription of post-paid mobile service plans and does not include usage charges and value-added services.

The 10% discount on StarHub TV applies to all net recurring charges for StarHub TV subscription including Telescope and additional set-top boxes.

For StarHub Home Broadband, the 5% discount applies to the net recurring subscription charges for StarHub Home Broadband plans.

I understand that one of my nominated services in Hub Club is on a promotion and hence not eligible for Hub Club discounts. When the promotion expires, will I automatically enjoy Hub Club discount on this service?

Yes, upon expiry of the promotion, your nominated service will automatically enjoy Hub Club discount.

Hub Club Discounts - Mobile-Specific FAQ

Once I become a Hub Club member, if I subscribe to additional mobile lines, do they automatically enjoy Hub Club Discounts as well?

There will be an auto-nomination of the top 6 highest mobile lines based on voice/data subscription plans, (before any promotional discounts) registered under your NRIC/FIN.

How does the tiered discount works?

With effect from 1st July 2014, Hub Club member can enjoy mobile discount(s) up to the 6th mobile lines (including nominated lines under the same service/registered address).

The tiered discount scheme will allow you to enjoy a higher discount for every extra line registered (discount is applicable to maximum of 6 lines) registered under your Hub Club membership.

For 1 mobile line, you will enjoy 15% discount off on that line.
For 2 mobile lines, you will enjoy 20% discount off on all your lines.
For 3 mobile lines, you will enjoy 25% discount off on all your lines.
For 4, 5 & 6 mobile lines, you will enjoy 30% discount off on all your lines.

Please note that the discounts only apply to mobile lines registered under your Hub Club membership and are currently not enjoying any other promotional discounts.

I have less than 6 mobile lines under my Hub Club membership. Can I nominate my family member’s mobile line(s) for Hub Club discount?

Hub Club member with less than 6 mobile post-paid lines under their NRIC / FIN number may log onto to nominate their  household member’s mobile lines.



Hub Club Discounts - StarHub TV/Home Broadband Specific FAQ

Our StarHub TV service is under my name but our StarHub Home Broadband service is under my husband's name. I am also a StarHub post-paid mobile customer. Am I eligible for Hub Club membership?

To be eligible for Hub Club membership, all 3 services must be registered under one name and NRIC/FIN and the same service address. Your husband will therefore need to transfer the StarHub Home Broadband service to your name so that you can qualify for Hub Club membership.

Once I become a Hub Club member, if I subscribe to an additional StarHub Home Broadband plan in the same address, does this additional Starhub Home Broadband plan automatically enjoy Hub Club Discount?

You do not need to register for this additional StarHub Home Broadband plan to enjoy Hub Club Discount. The discount will automatically apply to this additional plan, provided it is also registered under your name, NRIC/FIN and service address.