"I'm a new Mobile customer. Can you explain the charges on my first bill?"

In this example, you signed up for "4G 4 Mobile Service" + "Caller No. Display VAS" + "Data Upsize VAS" on 21/10/2014. You are assigned a bill period from 8th – 7th of the month. So, you see a pro-rated charge of subscription from 21/10/14 – 07/11/14, at S$41.6816.

As subscription is billed one month in advance, you will also see in the same bill a full month of "4G 4 Mobile Service" + "Caller No. Display VAS" + "Data Upsize VAS" subscription charges from 08/11/14 – 07/12/14, at $71.7850.

In this bill, your free outgoing minutes and free local data which come with 4G 4 mobile plan are pro-rated from 21/10/14 – 07/11/14. This is normal for your first bill. Moving forward, you will get full bundled free outgoing minutes and local usage according to your plan.

For an overview of the individual items in your mobile bill, please click here