"I'm a new HomeHub customer. Can you explain the charges on my first bill?"

In this example, you signed up for HomeHub 100 (Cable) on 12/07/2014. You are assigned a bill period from 16th – 15th of the month. So, you see a pro-rated charge of HomeHub 100 (Cable) subscription from 12/07/14 – 15/07/14, at S$7.3271.

As subscription is billed one month in advance, you will also see in the same bill a full month of HomeHub 100 (Cable) subscription charges from 16/07/14 – 15/08/14, at S$54.9533.

In this bill, you also see "FREE Basic Tier 3" + "Basic HD Upsize" as they come with your HomeHub plan. Additional add-on channels and box rental fee are chargeable. As explained above, this also follows the same pro-rated charging principle i.e. from 12/07/14 – 15/07/14. For your TV Services, you have chosen some add-on channels. So, we will charge for your add-on channel subscription, box rental (HubStation HD) and additional screen from 12/07/14 – 15/07/14.

As subscription is billed one month in advance, you will see a full month of add-on channel, box rental (HubStation HD) and additional screen subscription charges from 16/07/14 – 15/08/14.

Under a HomeHub plan, Home Broadband subscription is free.

MaxMobile subscription comes with 1GB free local data usage. The one-time charge of S$10 in your bill is a service activation fee. Any excess local data usage charges are at $8.56/GB, with your data bill capped at $85.60/month (U.P. $168/month. This promotional price is applicable until 31 Dec 2015).

Digital Voice subscription is also free under a HomeHub plan. You can enjoy unlimited local calls. But please note that any value-added service remains chargeable.

For an overview of the individual items in your bill, please click here.