"I've recontracted to a new mobile plan. Why do I see double charges on my bill?"

Don't worry, there are no "double charges". Let us explain with the example below:

You renewed your mobile contract on 05/06/2014 and changed your mobile plan from 3G SmartSurf 100 to SmartSurf Value. Your bill period is from 1st – 30th of the month. So, you see a pro-rated credit of 3G SmartSurf 100 subscription from 05/06/14 – 30/06/14. The usage charge you see was incurred before you made changes to your mobile plan. 

We follow the same pro-rated principle and charge SmartSurf Value subscription from 05/06/14 – 30/06/14. In the same bill, you will see usage charges incurred under your new SmartSurf Value plan.

As subscription is billed one month in advance, you will also see a full month of SmartSurf Value  subscription charges from 01/07/14 – 31/07/14. Moving forward, you will only see your normal monthly charges for your new mobile plan.

For an overview of the individual items in your bill, please click here.