Pay your bills via Credit Card

StarHub accepts bill payments by major credit cards. You can pay in the following ways:

Payment Channel Card Acceptance

Simply sign up recurring payment and your payment will be automatically deducted on your monthly bill due date.


StarHub Recurring Payment Application 1,2

i) Via StarHub ePayment website (require Hub iD login and a successful one-time credit card ePayment)

ii) Via StarHub Payment Slip (mail out using Business Reply Envelope (BRE))

iii) Via Recurring credit card payment form

(Complete and mail the online form with your details and "Payment Code".)

Where to find Payment Code on my bill?

VISA, MasterCard, Amex credit card

StarHub Payment Slip ("Pay This Bill" option)

Just complete and mail your original payment slip(s) with credit card details using online Business Reply Envelope (BRE).

VISA, MasterCard, Amex credit card

My StarHub app

VISA, MasterCard, Amex credit card

StarHub My Account website

VISA, MasterCard, Amex credit card

StarHub ePayment website

VISA, MasterCard, Amex credit card

AXS Station

DBS VISA/MasterCard, Citibank VISA/MasterCard, Diners Club credit card

AXS Payment mobile app

DBS/POSB debit card, MasterCard, MasterPass

AXS Website

DBS/POSB debit card, MasterCard, MasterPass

SingPost SAM mobile app

VISA, MasterCard

SingPost SAM Website

VISA, MasterCard


  • 1Upon approval, the following message will appear on your StarHub bill. A system generated letter of notification will be sent upon approval.
    "The total outstanding balance will be deducted from your Credit Card account XXXXX on dd/mm/yy."
  • 2As a StarHub Mobile subscriber, you can enjoy FREE 100 SMS/MMS per month when you pay with recurring credit card payment. This is not applicable for SharePlus Plan, DataPack and Employee Plan.
  • With effect from 01 September 2016, StarHub no longer accept Diners Club credit card for payment.
  • Recurring credit card bill payment arrangement will be terminated if the deduction is unsuccessful with the same rejection reason from your card issuer for 2 consecutive billing cycle.

What’s more, switch to recurring payment before 31 December and stand to win amazing prizes!