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  • Start streaming
    on FOX+.

Stream the latest TV series, movies and LIVE sports.

Catch the biggest blockbusters. Follow hit TV series, same day as the US. Binge on complete past seasons. And live-stream the latest sports events in HD. Enjoy all this with FOX+, now available to StarHub customers.


How to watch with FOX+

Step 1: Create a Hub iD if you don't already have one. If you do, get it ready.
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Step 2: Log in using your Hub iD and subscribe to FOX+.

Step 3: Create and activate your FOX+ account using the same Hub iD.

Step 4: Watch away!


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*Applicable with a 12-month contract.

Look out for these shows.

Titanic: 20 Years Later With James Cameron
Available from 16 Dec.

Available from 17 Dec.

This Is Not What I Expected
Available from 24 Dec.

Modern Family
Seasons 1-8 available now
Season 9 available from 21 Dec.

The Walking Dead
Seasons 1-8 available now.

Australian Open
Available live from 15-28 Jan.

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Data charges may be incurred while streaming on FOX+. It is recommended to download your favourite shows offline, or stream via Wifi while on the go.