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Planet Earth II, an ode to the
natural world.

Captured in stunning ultra-HD detail, Planet Earth II is an immersive exploration of the jungles, mountains, deserts, islands, grasslands and cities of the world.

Journey to the four corners of the globe to discover the extreme forces that shape life in each of these iconic landscapes and the remarkable ways animals manage to overcome the challenges of surviving in the wildest places on Earth.

From eye-to-eye encounters with incredible creatures to epic journeys through breath-taking wildernesses, experience the wonder of the natural world as never before.

Catch Planet Earth II on BBC Earth (HD) Ch 407, every Saturday and Sunday at 12.10pm.


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Other stunning BBC Earth documentaries to catch. 

Snow Bear
Premieres Mon, 26 Mar, 7.50pm

Set against the magical backdrop of the Arctic, Snow Bears follows the life-changing journey of two newborn polar bear cubs as they leave their den for the first time. Encountering dangers along the way – including arctic foxes, roaming bears, and extreme weather, they undertake an epic survival challenge.


Inside The Factory S3
Premieres 23 Mar, every Fri, 9.55pm

Gregg Wallace and Cherry Healey get exclusive access to six of the world’s most impressive food factories. In Italy, discover how it’s possible to produce 150,000 kilometres of spaghetti every day. And in the Netherlands, follow the production of creamy mayonnaise from its raw ingredients to the jar.


User's Guide To Cheating Death
Premieres 5 Mar, every Mon, 10.30pm

Health law professor, writer and debunker-extraordinaire Timothy Caulfield dives deep into the science, and the social issues behind today's cutting-edge health trends in order to separate the truly good advice from the excess of high- priced placebos.

Trust Me I'm A Doctor Series 7
Premieres 16 Apr, every Mon, 10.50pm

This long-running hit gets behind the hype and headlines to find the truth about what’s good for your health. The team look for the latest research and run major experiments involving hundreds of volunteers.


Big Cats
Premieres 18 Apr, every Wed, 8.05pm

Big Cats is the ultimate celebration of the entire cat family. The planet’s top predators and everyone’s favourite animals, as you’ve never seen them before. Combining fascinating behaviours with amazing stories, the series reflects the true nature of cats – and reveals how they still have the power to surprise. Earth’s ultimate predator is drawn out of the shadows.


Extreme Treks Series 2
Premieres 16 Apr, every Mon, 9.55pm

Join adventurer and renowned photographer, Ryan Pyle, as he spends months exploring and photographing some of the furthest and most remote corners of the world in the name of natural and cultural exploration. His human-powered adventures are always inspiring as he proves that anyone can get out and explore the great unknown. 




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