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A world of wonders.

BBC Earth (HD) inspires audiences by sharing the incredible wonders of our universe. The channel showcases the work of the world's foremost factual film-makers as it takes audiences on a journey of discovery. From the smallest creature under a microscope to the limitless expanses of space, BBC Earth (HD) brings viewers face-to-face with heart-pounding action, mind-blowing ideas and the wonder of being human.

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Programme highlights

Life Below Zero S4 
Every Tue, 9.45pm

An early winter strikes across Alaska, with temperatures plummeting and snow closing in. Each of our characters must pursue their last chance to gather, hunt, fish, and build before the land freezes around them. 

The Story of China
Premieres 11 Jan, every Wed-Fri, 9.45pm

This compelling series explores the history of the world’s oldest continuous state, from its ancient past to the present day. Home to over a billion people, China is the new superpower, a country we want to understand now and to do so we have to look at its history.

Chinese New Year - The Greatest Celebration on Earth
Premieres 25 Jan, every Wed-Fri, 9.45pm

From Beijing West train station, where passengers squeeze onto trains to take them thousands of miles home, to Beijing’s stunning Temple of Earth, where families pray for happiness and good luck, this series offers a front-seat view of one of the most spectacular events on Earth.

Sparks of Invention 
Premieres 2 Feb, every Thu, 10.45pm

Sparks of Invention tells the incredible stories of luck, grit and genius behind the inventions and inventors that have shaped our world.

Animal Babies
Premieres 13 Feb, every Mon, 8pm

On the vast savannahs of Africa, youngsters encounter the world’s top predators and face intense competition. Water babies must deal with threatening coasts and powerful currents. In the mountains, food is scarce and the weather is extreme.

Joanna Lumley’s Japan
Premieres 23 Feb, every Thu, 9.50pm

Starting in Hokkaido and winding her way south, Joanna visits the metropolitan sprawl that is Tokyo, the ancient capital Kyoto with its stunning temples and the city of Nagasaki with its tragic past. 


  • Premiering date and time are subject to changes without prior notice. Please check on-screen programme guide for latest updates.