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Enjoy FREE local data access!

Log on to Wireless@SG today, and enjoy FREE wireless Internet access in public places across Singapore with a surfing speed of up to 2Mbps! 

Registering for New StarHub Wireless@SG Account

Registration is easy! Simply follow the steps below:

  • Register with your details, read, and accept the Terms & Conditions
  • You will receive a confirmation SMS and your account password on your registered mobile upon successful registration
New sign up

Managing Your Account

You can access your account to:

  • Retrieve your username
  • Reset your password
Manage your account

How To Use

For StarHub Mobile Customers

Automatic Access to Wireless@SGx

StarHub Mobile customers can enjoy automatic log-ins after doing a 1-time configuration via a SIM-based authentication method (EAP-SIM). View set up guides and EAP-SIM supported handsets.


Using Web-based Log-in

Accessing Wireless@SG

  1. Locate a Wireless@SG hotspot with Wireless@SG logo
  2. Enable Wi-Fi setting on your mobile device
  3. Select “Wireless@SG” from the detected list of Wi-Fi networks
  4. Launch your internet browser and the Wireless@SG log-in page will appear
  5. Choose 'StarHub' located on the Service Provider tab
  6. Enter your user name (e.g. username@StarHub) and password to get connected
  7. To end session, type in http://logout./


Accessing Wireless@SG using Hub ID

  1. Perform the same steps 1 - 4 as above
  2. Choose "StarHub Hub iD" located on the Service Provider tab
  3. Enter your Hub iD (e.g. username@HubiD). If your Hub iD is an email address (e.g. username@myemail.com), replace the @ with # e.g. username#myemail.com@HubiD. Then enter password to get connected.
  4. To end session, type in http://logout./

HotSpot Location

Get connect easily with Wireless@SG app

  • Quick Wi-Fi Setup
  • Hotspot locator
  • Hotspot rating


Download the app on by clicking the icons below.

Available on the App StoreAndroid app on Google Play

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