• Direct Carrier Billing
    Service for App Stores

  • Direct Carrier Billing
    Service for App Stores

Enjoy fast & secure payment for your apps and games! Pay for your smartphone app purchases with your StarHub Postpaid bill.

Collect on Behalf Service on Windows Phone Store.

How to setup Direct Carrier Billing or Collect on Behalf Service on Windows Phone Store

  • Select the app that you wish to purchase
  • Upon selecting the buy option grant permissions for the app to download.
  • You will also be required to sign-in to your Microsoft Account to make purchases on Windows Phone Store.
  • Once you have been verified as a StarHub customer, you can proceed to purchase the app and charge it to your StarHub Postpaid Bill.



  • You must be connected to StarHub Mobile Network for verification to be completed successfully.

How to do App Purchases in Windows Phone Store.

1. Select app to purchase and accept the app permissions (if any)

2. (Optional) You may also be prompted to enter his/her Wallet PIN. Please refer to "Setup Wallet PIN"

3. Select 'StarHub Account' as payment method and tap on 'Buy'

4. App is downloaded and installed

5. You can view the transaction status by logging into Microsoft Commerce website using your Microsoft credentials:

How to do In-App Purchases on Windows Phone Store

  • Select in-app item to purchase
  • (Optional) User is prompted to enter his Wallet PIN
  • Select ‘StarHub Account’ as payment method and tap on ‘Buy’ button.

Post Purchase Flow: Purchase Email Confirmation

For every transaction on Windows Phone Store, Microsoft will issue an email receipt/invoice. The email receipt contains detailed information regarding the transaction for your future reference.

Here is a sample invoice from Microsoft:

  • Order Date
  • Content Name
  • Total price (incl. GST)
  • Link to Order History
  • Links to Windows Phone Support centre

Post Purchase Flow: Windows Phone Support

You can visit Windows Phone Support, for self-help or contact Microsoft help desk for support.

You can login to Microsoft Commerce website using your Microsoft credentials and request for support.


Microsoft Commerce website provides following important links:

  • Transactions
  • Billing help: FAQs and self-help information
  • Contact Support link
  • You can click on Contact Support link to find various ways to request for support from Microsoft Helpdesk
  • Various support options available to user including chat and call support

How to switch between modes of payment for App purchases

  • At the payment confirmation screen, you can tap on the ‘Add or switch payment methods’ link to bring up payment options screen.
  • You can choose one of the configured payment method or Add a new payment method to his Wallet Account by clicking on the ‘+’ button on the bottom on the screen.
  • Simply add one of the available payment methods



  • The selected payment method will be set as default for subsequent purchases until user switches to another mode of payment.

How to setup Wallet PIN Protection for purchases

Microsoft Wallet PIN can provide an added level of security to carrier billing purchases.

1. Launch Wallet app on your Windows Phone device and tap on ‘settings+PIN’ option

2. Enable Wallet PIN and set a preferred PIN.


3. IMPORTANT: You must check the ‘Use Wallet PIN to protect music, app and in-app purchases’ option to enable PIN protection.

For any queries, please contact:

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