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Discover our wonderful range of mobile services that enhance your call.

Share your dataplan with your family to show them how much you care.

2-in-1 LINE

Balance between work and play with StarHub’s new 2-in-1 LINE. Enjoy the benefits of two active numbers in one mobile phone.

Caller Number Display

See the telephone number of the person who is calling you before you pick up the phone.

Call Number Non-Display

Avoid unintentionally giving your phone number away to strangers.

Local Missed Call Alerts

Never miss another call again. SMS alerts containing missed call numbers allow you to return missed calls.


Enjoy the convenience of holding one mobile number across two devices with our MultiSIM service. 

VoiceMail (Basic, Enhanced & Power Mail)

Never miss an important call again. Callers can now leave you a personal message when you are busy.


Talk for FREE with anyone of these 3 ways – MyZone, MyTime or MyCircle.

Value-Added Services

Experience more and enjoy even greater value.


Connect to the world around you with our messaging services.