• 													International
    Calling Card

  • International
    Calling Card

Call home wherever you are, cheaply and conveniently, with this prepaid international calling card

Overseas calls from Singapore

Discover the convenience of being able to call overseas from any Singapore-registered mobile, fixed line or public phone near you. Simply dial the number listed on the card and follow the usage instructions.


Overseas calls to Singapore

Avoid having to pay for expensive roaming charges with your International Calling Card.


Flexibility of IDD call plans

Make your international calls using IDD 008, IDD 018 or a special promotion option.


Applicable for local calls

The International Calling Card can be used to make local calls in Singapore too.


International Calling Card is available islandwide for just $10

With effect from 4 June, International Calling Card will be available at all AXS Stations. Purchase in denominations of $5, $10, 20 or $30 and get 65% more value!

Get it at AXS Stations (from 4 June) or StarHub retail outlets.



All-day flat rates*

No peak rate charges. Enjoy the convenience and cost savings of having the same rate any time you call.


Card merging**

Transfer the card value of one International Calling card to another, and retain the use of the same 14-digit calling card number^^.


No subscription and no registration required


Language Selection

Cards can be set with the language of your choice (English, Mandarin, Malay, Bengali, Tamil or Tagalog). All voice prompts to guide card usage will then be played in the selected language for all calls. You can change your preferred language, any time.


Call Balance Announcement

You will be notified on the available balance on your card before every call.


Call Duration Announcement

After dialling a number, you will be notified of the maximum call duration based on your available card balance.

  • * Local calls are charged at 10¢/min.
  • ** Card merging feature is not applicable to HomeConnect cards with serial numbers that fall within 12748002 to 12750001 range.
  • Availability of the service from overseas depends on foreign service providers, hotel and public phone operators. Additional local call charges may be separately charged by these foreign operators and hotels.
  • ^^ Subject to expiry date stated on the card

How does it work?

Main Menu & Previous Menu

Press * to return to the previous menu, or # to return to the main menu, whenever the voice prompt is played.


Low Balance Tone

Running low on card balance? A warning tone, followed by warning beeps will alert you before your call gets disconnected once your card balance runs out.


Follow-On Calls

To make consecutive calls without the need to redial:

Press 1 to make a new call

Press 2 to redial the last called number

Do ensure that the initial called party has hung up before making the consecutive call.



You will be prompted to dial again if the line you have dialed is busy.


Check Card Expiry

International Calling Card has an expiry date. Use the ‘Feature Selection’ option to check the card expiry date and manage the use of your card.


International calling rates
Call Originating from Access Number Estimated Talktime (Mins) Estimated Cost / Min^^ to Singapore Remarks
Argentina 0800-666-0588 8 $1.25  
Australia 1800-881-008 78 $0.13  
Bangladesh 1570-023 9 $1.11 Only available from fixed lines with IDD facility.
Belgium 0800-76914 12 $0.83 Not available from mobile.
Brunei 800-165 15 $0.67 Access not available through Mobile DST Comm
Canada 1-877-289-2201 40 $0.25  
China 108-2652 20 $0.50 Only available from China Telecom fixed lines and some payphones.
Colombia 01800-915-4718 8 $1.25  
Denmark 80-88-27-00 15 $0.67 Not available from Mobile 
Dominican Republic 1-888-156-1559 2 $5.00  
Finland 0-800-1-19523 15 $0.67  
France 0800-914760 20 $0.50  
Germany 0800-08-10008 20 $0.50 Access is available for the following mobile operators: E-Plus, T-Mobile/D1. Not available from payphone.
Greece 00800-12-5278 20 $0.50 Not available from Mobile 
Guam 1-877-252-2276 8 $1.25  
Hong Kong 800-960-888 78 $0.13 Access is available for the following mobile operators: HKCSL, NewWorld, Hutchinson, SmarTone, Sunday and Peoples.
Hungary 06-800-13859 15 $0.67 Mobile Access is available from Pannon GSM and Westel GSM.
India 000-65-28 15 $0.67 Public phone require local or inter-city call payment throughout the call duration. Available from phone with IDD facility. May not be available from certain cities when dialling from mobile phones.  No access from Bharti and Reliance Network.
Indonesia 001-801-7652 15 $0.67 Access is available on fixed lines and payphones with IDD facility only.
001-803-011-3166 Not available from mobile.
Ireland 1-800-55-6058 12 $0.83 Not available from mobile and payphone.
Israel 1-809-40-5087 15 $0.67 Not available from mobile.
Italy 800-874823 12 $0.83 Not available from mobile and payphone
Japan 00539-008 50 $0.20  
0034-811-008 Access is only available from subscribers' lines of NTT East, NTT West and TT net only.
Latvia 8000-0187 15 $0.67  
Luxembourg 8002-9129 15 $0.67  
Malaysia 1-800-80-0038 80 $0.13 Only accessible from Telecom Malaysia PSTN, ISDN, mobile services and card type payphone.
Mexico 001-866-3629989 8 $1.25  
Netherlands 0800-0249918 12 $0.83 Not available from mobile.
New Zealand 0800-441-819 25 $0.40 Not available from mobile and payphone
Norway 800-15553 15 $0.67  
Philippines 10-10-55-6520 20 $0.50 Available only on PLDT phones and network.
  105-008     When roaming with SmartGold
Poland 0-0-800-1112-568 15 $0.67  
Puerto Rico 1888-2689-086 8 $1.25  
South Korea 00-722-658 20 $0.50 Deposit of coin or phone card is not required for public phones with the red "emergency call" button. Press the button to get a dial-tone before dialling access number.
Spain 9009-931925 15 $0.67  
Sweden 020-79-6089 12 $0.83 Not available from mobile.
Switzerland 0800-89-1234 12 $0.83 Not available from mobile.
Taiwan 00-801-65-3008 50 $0.20  
Thailand 1800-010-039 25 $0.40  
UK 0800-783-6007 40 $0.25  
USA* 1-800-542-8320 78 $0.13  
Vietnam 12065008 10 $0.83 Per call charge $2.30

*States in USA only, including Alaska and Hawaii.

^ Estimated talktime includes the Free $5 worth of extra talktime under 50% Extra Value Promotion for $10 HomeConnect card.

^^ Estimated cost/min is calculated by dividing the $10 purchase price of HomeConnect by estimated talktime minutes. (Note: This estimated cost/min is applicable upon activation of a NEW $10 HomeConnect card with 50% extra value credited.)