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    Catch up on all your favourite TV shows.
  • Catch-Up TV

    Catch up on all your favourite TV shows.

Catch up on missed episodes at your own time.

Can’t get home in time to watch the shows you love? Not to worry, we’ve got you covered! With our On Demand channels1, you can catch up on missed episodes, at your own pace. They're categorised easily for you by genre, via our Hub VOD channels.

See the table below for our full list of our Hub VOD Channels! Simply tune in to the desired Hub VOD channel on your TV and select the channel your show is from. Then scroll to search for your show and you’re done!

List of On Demand channels by genre

Hub VOD Entertainment (Ch 500)

AXN On Demand HD
HITS Replay HD
Lifetime On Demand HD
RTL CBS Entertainment HD On Demand
Sony Channel On Demand HD
STAR World Play HD
Warner TV Encore HD
Hub VOD Education (Ch 400)
Crime + Investigation™ On Demand HD
CuriosityStream On Demand HD2
Discovery Channel On Demand HD  
H2 On Demand HD  
HISTORY On Demand HD  
National Geographic Play (HD)
Smithsonian Channel on Demand HD 
Hub VOD Lifestyle (Ch 450) E! ZONE HD
FX Play HD 
FYI On Demand HD 
Gusto TV On Demand HD3
RTL CBS Extreme HD On Demand 
Travelxp On Demand HD1
Hub VOD Kids (Ch 300)
Boomerang On Demand HD
Cartoon Network On Demand HD 
Disney Channel on Demand (HD) 
Disney Junior on Demand 
Disney XD on Demand (HD)  
Nick Jr. On Demand HD 
Nickelodeon On Demand HD 
Toonami On Demand HD
Hub VOD Korean Entertainment (Ch 850)
ONE On Demand HD


  • 1Customers need to have a corresponding subscription in order to watch the various on demand channels at no extra cost. Eg. Entertainment HD Basic Upsize Tier subscribers will be able to watch the channels on the Entertainment On Demand Ch 500.
  • 2CuriosityStream On Demand HD will be launched on 20 August 2018.
  • 3Gusto TV On Demand HD will be launched on 21 August 2018.
  • Catch-up TV for the following channels is only available via the Yellow button: BBC Earth (HD) Ch 407, BBC Lifestyle (HD) Ch 432, CTI TV (HD) Ch 827, Hub E City (HD) Ch 825, TVBJ (HD) Ch 838, TVBS Asia Ch 828, Hub Sensasi Ch 123, WWE Series On Demand via Ch 202, PGA Tour On Demand via Ch 204.
  • The Start Over function, which allows shows in progress to restart, is available for selected programmes via the blue button. Customers will be prompted onscreen if the programme supports this feature.