Enterprise Messaging

General Enquiries


1. What is Enterprise Messaging?

Enterprise messaging is a tool for broadcasting SMS and emails using a web based application, Outlook plug-in or integrating API’s. Enterprise Messaging is a feature rich solution which has various advance features for managing SMS and email campaigns.

2. How do I subscribe to this service?

You can contact your Account Manager or call Business Sales Hotline at 1800 888 8888 to subscribe to this service.

3. What are the charges for the service?

Please contact your Account Manager or call our Business Sales Hotline at 1800 888 8888 for information about the charges.

4. Can I subscribe to this service if I am not an existing StarHub Mobile customer?

Yes, you can subscribe to this service even if you are not an existing Mobile subscriber.

5. What do I need to subscribe to Enterprise Messaging?

This is a cost effective solution for SMS and email broadcast as there is no investment in infrastructure or equipment. Enterprise Messaging is a subscription based service.

6. What kind of connectivity do I need?

For using Enterprise Messaging web service, you only need internet connectivity to log on to the Enterprise Messaging web portal.

Enterprise Messaging Packages & Features


1. What are the types of packages available?

Enterprise Messaging has two packages – Enterprise Messaging Basic and Enterprise Messaging Premium. The features available in each package are listed below.

Enterprise Messaging Basic Enterprise Messaging Premium



Outlook Mobile Service (OMS)

WebSMS +

Online Reports





Online Reports



2. What is WebSMS?

WebSMS is a tool for basic SMS broadcast.  It has basic SMS broadcast functionalities. You can have unlimited users using WebSMS.

3. What is Outlook Mobile Service?

Outlook Mobile Service or OMS is a plug-in for Microsoft Outlook 2007 and above. The plug-in allows you to broadcast SMS from your Microsoft Outlook application.

4. What is online reports?

You can view real time usage and performance summary online from the Enterprise Messaging web portal. Online reports provide you real time statistics on your SMS and email broadcast. You can also view usage summary of your sub-users.

5. What is the retention period of the online reports?

Usage summary of the past 90 days can be viewed on the Enterprise Messaging web portal.

6. What is WebSMS+?

WebSMS+ is an advanced tool to broadcast SMS. Apart from the basic SMS broadcast functionalities, you have advanced functionalities like managing the reply path, whitelisting/blacklisting and updating the contacts, opt-in/opt-out control, pausing/resuming/cancelling campaigns, throttling, batching, setting priority for messages, enhance delivery option, setting the validity period and numerous other functionalities that serve all your neds of managing an SMS campaign.

7. What is eMailer?

eMailer is an advance tool for managing your email broadcast. It allows you to broadcast text or HTML emails, and you can add attachments to your emails. With mail merge, delivery rate controls and unsubscribe controls for SPAM compliance, eMailer is ideal for high volume communications and marketing campaigns.

8. Is there any charge for each email sent using eMailer?

eMailer is available only for Enterprise Messaging Premium users. Enterprise Messaging Premium users can broadcast up to 50,000 emails per month for free.

9. What is Inbound?

Inbound provides everything you need to run and manage Inbound SMS campaigns. Inbound enables full control of all inbound Mobile messaging with automated response/keyword pattern matching, reply management, campaign creation, monitoring and reporting controls.

10. What is API’s?

Enterprise Messaging supports a wide range of protocols and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to simplify integration and add SMS messaging capability into your existing applications and front/back-end systems.

11. Can I add multiple users for using Enterprise Messaging?

Yes, you can add sub-users for using Enterprise Messaging. You can add unlimited users for using WebSMS and Outlook Mobile Service (OMC) at no additional charges. For using WebSMS+, Inbound, API’s and eMailer additional license charges apply.

12. Can I limit the usage of my sub-users?

Yes, you can define the number of SMS quota to be allowed to each of your sub-users. You can limit the quota on a weekly or monthly basis. Your sub-users won’t be able to use beyond the allocated quota.

13. Can all users login at the same time?

Yes all users can login at the same time. However, at any given point in time, only 5 campaigns will run simultaneously.

14. What are the types of API interfaces and protocols available in Enterprise Messaging?

Enterprise Messaging support SharePoint 2010, Outlook 2007 & 2010, Lotus Domino, SMPP, SMTP, HTTP, .NET, JAVA & WSDL.

15. What are the types of charges applicable for the service?

There is a one-time setup charge, a monthly license fees and SMS Usage bundle charges.  For more detail regarding the pricing please contact your Account Manager or call our Business Sales Hotline at 1800-888-8888. 

Managing Contacts


1. How many contacts can I store online?

Enterprise Messaging Basic users can store up to 10,000 Contacts online. Enterprise Messaging Premium users can store up to 1,000,0000 contacts online. This storage capacity is per customer and across all sub-users.

2. Should I manually key in all the mobile numbers/email address to which I need to broadcast SMS?

No, you can simply export a csv file and store your contacts online and easily create contact groups or list and use specific contact, group or list to whom you want to send SMS or email. The online contact manager gives you full flexibility to easily manage your contacts.

3. Can I send to specific groups?

Yes, you can create various groups and send your SMS or email campaigns only to the required groups. You can also choose to share or hide contacts with other sub-users in your organisation.

4. What is the size limit for importing list?

You can import a contact list of upto 10MB or 10,000 rows for Enterprise Basic users and 10MB or 100,000 rows for Enterprise Messaging Premium users.

Broadcasting SMS & Email


1. Can I send SMS to non-StarHub recipients?

Yes, Enterprise Messaging allows you to send SMS to non-StarHub Mobile numbers as well as overseas destinations supported by StarHub. Please note that international SMS is chargeable and is not part of the SMS bundle.

2. Can I schedule the SMS or email broadcast?

Enterprise Messaging gives you great control over setting up your SMS or email campaign. It allows you to set the campaign broadcast at a later date or it allow you to schedule your ongoing campaign on a daily, weekly, fortnightly, weekday, weekend, monthly basic etc. You can also set the time during which the SMS broadcast need to be send eg. 9am to 5pm.

3. What will be the number displayed to the SMS recipient?

The number displayed will be a 8 digit Mobile number.

4. What is the maximum character limit for sending SMS?

Every chargeable SMS is of 160 characters. However, you can send up to 9 concatenated SMS of 1450 characters in a single message. You will be charged for each SMS when you are sending concatenated SMS. However, please note that depending on the recipient’s phone model the SMS may appear as a single SMS or multiple SMS.

5. Can I send SMS in any non-English characters?

Yes, you can send SMS in non-English characters.

6. Would all users have email broadcast feature?

Only Enterprise Messaging Premium users have “eMailer” which is an advance tool for broadcasting your email campaigns.

7. What is the size limit for sending email?

You can send up to 500KB (email body+attachment).

8. Can I send dynamic SMS or email?

Yes, Enterprise Messaging is a feature rich solution that allows you to broadcast SMS with variable fields. You can import your list with the variable fields to your contacts and easily define the variable fields in your SMS or email message and every recipient will receive customised/personalised SMS or email. Eg. Hi <Name> you have won a <Prize>.

9. Can recipients opt-in or opt-out and whether this will get updated to my contacts?

Yes, you can provide the recipients the choice to opt-in or opt-out from receiving your SMS. Your contact data base will be updated accordingly and the next time you send an SMS or email campaign to the same user it will include or exclude the recipient depending on the whitelist or blacklist.

10. Can I automate the update of my contact list and automatically save the updated contacts to an FTP or URL?

Yes, you can automate the update of your contact list of Enterprise Message from an FTP site and vice versa. You can schedule the update frequency and the time when the update need to be done.

11. Can I use my company name instead of the 8 digit mobile number when sending SMS?

There is currently no feature to hide the sender number for Enterprise Messaging. However, Number Masking feature will be available soon.

12. What is the email address which will be displayed when I send email broadcast using eMailer?

The email address that you use to login to the web portal is the email address that would be displayed to the all email recipients as the sender address.

13. What is the best suited web browser that can be used for accessing Enterprise Messaging web?

The best supported browsers are Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 and above and Mozilla Firefox.

Existing Customer Enquiries


1. How do I know how to use each of the features of Enterprise Messaging?

You can refer to the online help link at the top of your web URL and refer to the Contents, Help Index or search the required feature. Online help provide you step by step instruction and guidance for using each of the features.

2. How can I change my Enterprise Messaging package (Upgrade to Enterprise Messaging Premium or Downgrade to Enterprise Messaging Basic)?

You can contact your Account Manager or call our Business Sales Hotline at 1800-888-8888 for modification of your Enterprise Messaging Package.

3. How can I change my SMS Tier Pack?

You can contact your Account Manager or call our Business Sales Hotline at 1800-888-8888 for modification of your Enterprise Messaging Package.

4. What if I forget my password?

You can go to the Enterprise Messaging and select “Forgot Password” and reset your password. Your password will be sent to your email address.

5. How do I change my system administrator?

You can change your system administrator online from the web portal. You can go under “Setup> Users” and select the user and edit his account details. You can assign multiple users to be the system administrators.

6. If I have an Enterprise Messaging premium license for one user, can I transfer the license to another user?

Yes you can transfer the license to another user. You can go under “Setup> Users” and select the existing licensed user and disable his license if you only have one premium license. Then create the new user and assign the license to new user. For more information refer to the online help for step by step instructions.