DataJump FAQ


  1. Who is eligible for DataJump?

    Any new, re-contracting, existing StarHub Mobile postpaid customer on eligible mobile plans will be able to sign up for DataJump.

  2. Which plans are eligible for DataJump?

    The mobile plans which are eligible to sign up for DataJump are 2 year S/M/L/XL/4G 4/4G 5/4G 6/4G 12 plans and SIM Only S/M/L/XL/4G 4/4G 5/4G 6/4G 12 plans. Not valid for Lite, XS, 4G 300M, 4G 3, SmartShare and any plans offered specifically to Business customers.

  3. How much data will I be adding to my plan with DataJump?

    DataJump increases your data bundle based on your current price plan for a monthly fee of $10.00 and one-time charge of $10.70.

  2. I am an existing customer with a Data Upsize VAS / Plus 3, am I able to sign up for DataJump?

    Yes. However, you will need to terminate your existing Data Upsize VAS / Plus 3 first before you can sign up for DataJump. Please note that any existing discounts that you enjoy for your Data Upsize VAS or Plus 3 will also be terminated when you terminate your existing Data Upsize VAS or Plus 3.

  3. I did not take up the offer for DataJump at point of sale during new/recontract order? Can I sign up after?

    Yes, DataJump is applicable via My Business Account . You can approach your company’s AO to activate the DataJump via My Business Account. For Managed Account customers, you can approach your Account Manager for assistance.

  4. I am a 4G 300M / 4G 3/ Lite/ XS customer, why am I not eligible for DataJump?

    The 4G 300M plan is catered for customers with low data usages. As such, we would recommend customers to re-evaluate their usage patterns and choose a more appropriate plan to fit their mobile needs.

    The 4G 3 plan has the option to upsize their data by 3GB with Plus 3. If you would like to sign up for DataJump, you may consider upgrading your plan to S/M/L/XL/4G 4/4G 5/4G 6/4G 12, followed by signing up for DataJump for a larger data bundle.

  5. What happens to my DataJump add-on if I upgrade my plan from a 4G 4/M plan to a 4G 5/L plan?

    Your DataJump (5GB) on 4G 4/M plan will need to be removed. You will then need to subscribe to DataJump (10GB) when you have changed your plan to 4G 5/L.

  6. Is there a contract period for DataJump?

    For a limited promotional period, DataJump will be offered without any contract commitment.

  7. Can I unsubscribe to DataJump?

    For a limited promotional period, DataJump will be offered without any contract commitment, and can be unsubscribed.

  8. What is the one time charge for DataJump?

    All our value-added services do come with a one-time activation charge. We have been waiving this one-time activation from time-to-time on a promotional basis. The waiver does not apply to DataJump at this point.

  9. Can I sign up for DataJump if I have SmartShare VAS on an eligible plan?

    Yes, if you are on an eligible plan, you may sign up for DataJump. The data bundle from DataJump will not be pooled together via SmartShare, only your mobile plan data bundle can be pooled.