OpenGov Exclusive Interview with StarHub CEO

DARE+ Leverages the Cloud to Go Beyond Telco with Nikhil Eapen, Chief Executive and Executive Director, StarHub

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How CIOs Can Lead in Achieving Enterprise Sustainability Goals

For enterprises that want to thrive in the 21st century, sustainability is no longer a nice-to-have but a must-have.

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Mobile campus with 5G Private network

StarHub's 5G and how it will accelerate mobile private network deployments

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5G will accelerate massive IoT

Putting all the pieces of the IoT puzzle together is no trivial task. An integrated platform to make IoT implementation as seamless as possible. 

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Best practices to make Hybrid Working work for SME

A guide to navigate the transition to long-term hybrid working and leverage a distributed workforce to supercharge productivity for SME

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Why SMEs are investing in IT infrastructure

SMEs are adopting a more holistic and secure IT infrastructure as they move towards digitalisation.

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Initiating an IT modernisation in the cloud

Enterprises are seeking to modernise their IT environment using the cloud to enhance their digital capabilities and meet growing customer demands. Yet the cloud is not without its challenges. 

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SmartSIP for Teams Calling

The perfect complement for Microsoft Teams, enabling business calling within Teams

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SmartSIP Mobile

StarHub offer softphones, which lets remote workers continue to use their office numbers even when they are on the move. 

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5G IoT Platform of the future

StarHub’s 5G IoT Platform aims to make the take up of IoT as seamless as possible, with an integrated solution that brings all the technologies 

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Keys to Building a Hybrid Work Environment

How does your SME’s remote work strategy stack up?

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Accelerating industry transformation with 5G

StarHub's 5G and how it will accelerate Industry 4.0.

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StarHub is now accredited with Microsoft Cloud Platform Gold Competency

StarHub is now officially accredited with Microsoft Cloud Platform Gold Competency for Azure Cloud Services – a reflection of the expertise and experience that we have accumulated in delivering cloud services on the Azure platform.

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Shot of Corridor in Working Data Center Full of Rack Servers and Supercomputers with High Speed Inernet Visualization Projection.
Rise of hyperscale data centres

Gain insights on trends for hyperscale data centres and how it will impact your business.

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Building the Smart Campus for the future

Find out the latest trends that IHLs have been adopting to enable Smart Campus.

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Male IT Engineer Works on a Laptop at the end of a Corridor in a Big Data Center. Rows of Rack Servers are Seen.
Why a strong IT infrastructure is vital to your business

Can you afford the cost of downtime due to a poorly planned IT infrastructure?

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