Smart Bill Challenge

Slash your office phone bill by up to 3x every month. Take up the challenge and send us your current office phone bill today!

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Quick Start Guide to SmartUC Mobile App

Quick guide to take you through everything from installation, configuration, as well key functions

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Quick User Guide


Equip yourself with some quick tips for seamless communication.

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Feature Access Codes (FAC) Quick Reference Guide

This guide is designed as a quick reference for customers with analogue phones and using Feature Access Codes (FAC).

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Web Portal Guide

This guide is designed to give you an understanding of how you can use the Web Portal to access directory services, call logs and personalized call settings (such as Call Forwarding) from any web browser. Login to the portal at

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Administrator Guide

This guide is designed to give you an understanding of the key features and some basic user-configurable settings in the Unified Communications Solution.

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Hunt Pilot Start Up Guide

Hunt Pilot is a Value-Added Service that hunts (or routes to) other pre-configured phones lines in the office. Please note that there is no physical installation for the hunt pilot service.

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Auto Attendant Configuration Guide

Auto Attendant is a Value-Added Service that serves as an automated receptionist by answering the phone and providing a personalised message to callers.

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Desktop Clients

Select the plan best suited to your business


Collaborate with your partners anywhere through conferencing to increase productivity.

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Unified Communications

Comprehensive end-to-end enterprise grade communications solutions.

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SIP Voice

Power your PBX system with a reliable, scalable and cost effective voice delivery connection.

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IDD 008

Get premium call quality and reliability through priority direct routing when you call overseas.

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