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Stay in touch with your loved ones, with unlimited local calls to special IDD rates.

Unlimited local calls+

With a monthly subscription of just $10.49, you get unlimited local incoming and outgoing calls all day! All Home Broadband and TV customers enjoy a home phone line at a promotional rate of $2.10 per month+.


FREE+ number retention

Retain your existing telephone number for FREE when you switch to Digital Voice Home.


One Number for Life

Your Digital Voice Home number stays with you, wherever you are. No more hassle of changing your home telephone number every time you relocate.


Special IDD rates

Enjoy unbeatable IDD 018 rates from as low as 13 cents per minute to selected destinations.



+Valid till a date predetermined by StarHub. Terms & Conditions apply.

How much is it?

Make free local calls from your regular residential phone by connecting it to a voice-enabled cable modem or wireless integrated access device. All with the same cable point used to access high quality cable TV channels and broadband Internet. It's that simple!



  • Customers will need a voice-enabled cable modem (VeCM) or wireless integrated access device.

Service-Related Charges

Installation $53.50 per hardware
Delivery $12.84 per trip to the same service address
Service Activation $21.40 per line
Service Call $53.50 per trip
Activation of Value-Added Services $10.70 per Value-Added Service
Golden Number Selection $415.16 per number
Silver Number Selection $94.16 per number
Disconnection $32.10 (if subscription is less than 3 months)
Reconnection $16.05
Number Change $32.10
Telephone Wiring $64.20
Installation of Cable Point $107 – $155.15 per point
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