• Digital Voice Global

    For unlimited overseas calls and more.
  • Digital Voice Global

    For unlimited overseas calls and more.
Enjoy unlimited overseas calls wherever you are with our Digital Voice Global service.

When you're overseas, Digital Voice Global lets you call home for as long as you want without fretting about your phone bill. As long as the person on the other line has a Singapore registered-number or a StarHub-approved Wireless Integrated Access Device (IAD), you can save big with FREE unlimited overseas calls all day, every day.

Just bring your lightweight IAD device when you travel out of Singapore. Then connect it to a broadband point and a regular phone, and start dialling.

Enjoy these perks:

Unlimited# overseas calls
Enjoy unlimited# overseas calls without worrying about overseas phone bills.


FREE+ local calls to Singapore numbers
Call a Singapore-registered number from any country at no extra charge.


Easy portability
Bring the lightweight IAD with you when travelling, then connect it to a broadband point and a regular phone to start connecting.


FREE Digital Voice Softphone
Get greater convenience with the FREE Softphone client on your mobile device! It lets you enjoy video calls and High Definition quality audio calls. Available for iPad, iPhone and Android users.


FREE+ number retention
Switch to Digital Voice Global now and keep your current telephone number for FREE.


Special IDD rates
Enjoy unbeatable IDD 018 rates from as low as 8 cents per minute to selected destinations.

How much is it?

One-time charge



Per month



Calls made via Digital Voice Global to

Another StarHub approved IAD (Singapore/overseas) FREE
Singapore-registered number/mobile/digital voice home/digital voice business Free till a date predetermined by StarHub.
Non Singapore-registered number IDD charges apply


  • Digital Voice Global IAD comes with a Singapore-registered number issued by StarHub. Hence, when a Digital Voice Global user dials a non Singapore-registered number, the user will have to follow the usual IDD dialing procedure.
  • # Valid for calls made between Digital Voice Global lines through StarHub-registered IADs only.
  • + Free till a date predetermined by StarHub. Terms & Conditions
Service-Related Charges

(May apply if you wish to install Digital Voice Global service at home)

$53.50 per hardware


$12.84 per trip to the same service address

Service Activation

$21.40 per line

Subscription of Value-Added Services

$4.82 per month for Global Value Pack (4 Value-Added Services)
$6.96 per month for Global Value Pack Plus (5 Value-Added Services)

Activation of Value-Added Services

$10.70 for Global Value Pack / Global Value Pack Plus

Golden Number Selection

$415.16 per number

Silver Number Selection

$94.16 per number


$32.10 (if subscription is less than 3 months)



Number Change


Telephone Wiring
(May apply if you wish to install Digital Voice Global service at home)


Installation of Cable Point
(May apply if you wish to install Digital Voice Global service at home)

$107 - $155.15 per point


  • Customers will need to purchase an integrated access device (IAD).

Global Value Pack Plus

Enjoy an even greater level of service with private number listing, caller number display and more.

Global Value Pack

More features, services and value with Caller ID, Voicemail and more.

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