• 													Get the best of TVB 
    with StarHub.

  • Get the best of TVB
    with StarHub.

StarHub and TVB,
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For over 20 years, StarHub TV has been home to TVB and now there are even more ways to experience everything TVB has to offer! With StarHub TV, StarHub Go and now, TVB Anywhere SG, you’ll never miss your favourite TVB shows again.

Explore ways to watch TVB

Qiang Dang Yu Le Pack

per month

  • Latest TVB dramas from Hong Kong
  • TVB dramas and awards shows in Cantonese
  • Over 100 Asian movies on Demand
  • Complimentary access to TVB Anywhere SG after it launches on StarHub in December 2018*

Go Select

per month

  • Latest dramas from TVB and China
  • Access to thousands of TV shows, including HBO Originals
  • Data-free streaming on StarHub Mobile

TVB Anywhere SG

per month

  • Classic and latest TVB dramas & variety shows
  • Watch same time as Hong Kong
  • Completely on demand
  • Coming to StarHub in December 2018

TVB Highlights

Another Era

OMG, Your Honour

Life on the Line 

*From December 2018, TVB Anywhere SG will be available at no extra cost for StarHub TV customers subscribed to the Qiang Dang Yu Le Pack and StarHub TV Go Value-Added Service.