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Bill Enhancements

About the StarHub Experience Enhancement

What is the StarHub experience enhancement all about?

In order to serve you better, StarHub is always looking for ways to push the boundaries of our services. During this period of time, we are making improvements so that you can enjoy a better experience. Some of these improvements require us to make some changes to your billings.

How will I benefit from the enhancement?

The enhancement will offer new features that will make your StarHub experience even more pleasant and convenient. You will be notified of these upgrades soon.

How will this enhancement affect my billings?

We are issuing new billing account numbers to all our customers with this enhancement. The format of your new billing account number is 8.XXXXXXXXX. During the transition, you will receive two invoices. The first invoice will be issued under your old account number, and the second invoice will be issued under your new account number.

Although you will receive two invoices, the sum of the two invoices will be the total of your bill for this month. Do also note, we have changed standardised our bill presentation format from 4 to 2 decimal places.

Will I continue to receive two invoices subsequently?

You may continue to receive two invoices if there is any adjustment to charges from your old account. However, you will receive a payment reminder if there is an amount outstanding. Please ensure that you pay both invoices, clearly indicating the correct account number(s) and/or payment code(s) displayed at the right hand corner of each of the invoices.

Apart from the scenario above, you may receive two invoices for any additional services you have signed up and tagged to your old account instead of to the new account. In this case, you will continue receiving two invoices until the additional services have been fully transitioned to the new account.

Who can I contact to find out more?

For any further enquiries, kindly call our hotline at 1631 or contact your StarHub account manager.

Bill Payment

How to pay the bills after the enhancement exercise?

You may pay your bill via the available payment methods listed on the back of the bills or at our website at

If you wish to pay via GIRO/Credit Card recurring arrangement for the new Billing Account, please apply by completing the StarHub GIRO application form with your new account details, or complete the payment slip from the bill or StarHub Recurring Credit Card application form with the new account number for credit card arrangement. Do take note that proper payment authorization from customers is a prerequisite for new Billing Account(s) to ensure that payments deducted from their bank account/credit card(s) are correct.

Understanding Your Bill

What do I need to take note of in my new bill?

The only thing to take note of in your new bill is your new billing account number beginning with the 8.XXXXXXXX series.