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Paying my bills via recurring GIRO (AutoPay)

  Sign up for Recurring GIRO (DBS, POSB, OCBC, UOB, etc) and your payment will be automatically deducted on your monthly bill due date, hassle free!


  √  No worry about late payment.

  √  Avoid late payment fee.

  √  Hassle of remembering bill payment dates.

  √  Skip the queue for bill payment.

  √ Save cost from manual cheque payment

  √ Eliminates the need to issue and sign cheque.

  Ways to apply:

  • For DBS/POSB customer, you can apply online on your Personal banking platform, AXS kiosk, or use the StarHub recurring GIRO application form.

  • For non-DBS/POSB customer, please apply using the StarHub recurring GIRO application form.

  Processing time of application or modification:

  • DBS or POSB bank account holders who have applied for recurring GIRO via DBS/POSB iBanking website or AXS station will have their applications processed up to 5 business days.

  • For GIRO application using paper form, it will require 4 to 6 weeks processing time upon receipt of StarHub GIRO application form by us, verify, process and send the form to your bank for final application approval.

  • Approved GIRO application by your Bank will supersede existing payment arrangement.

  • A system generated letter of notification will be sent to you once your recurring GIRO application is approved or rejected by your bank.



Bill Account Reference

DBS, POSB Online1

Login to your internet banking website using your banking ID and Password, select Pay Bills and Cards, then Add GIRO Arrangement.

Sign up following instruction from DBS website with your DBS or POSB card and PIN.

√ Online set-up processing time up to 5 business days.

√ Prepare your banking log-in details for online set-up.

StarHub Account No.

AXS Station1

Apply in person with your DBS/POSB ATM card and PIN by selecting Finance, follow by DBS, and select Services and Apply for GIRO.

√ Electronic set-up processing time up to 5 business days.

√ Prepare your DBS/POSB ATM card before application.

√ Search for a nearby AXS location via AXS website

StarHub Mobile Number/

StarHub Account No.

StarHub GIRO Payment Form2

  • Form Submission Instruction:

(i) Download the digital StarHub Recurring GIRO Payment Application form (PDF form).

(ii) Tick the appropriate box(s), complete Part (1) and (2) of the form with your details and your Postpaid Account's "Payment Code".

(iii) Mail it using the postage-paid mailer included with the form (address included in the form).

√ Only original signed GIRO application forms are accepted by the banks for GIRO application.

√ Amendments made on the form must be countersigned by applicant.

√ Form processing time within 4 to 6 weeks upon receipt for your bank approval.

√ Applicable to all GIRO participated banks.

StarHub Payment Code

 Additional Information

  • For an approved GIRO application or modification by your bank:
√ The approval of this application will supersede existing payment instruction for the nominated Account(s).
√ This authorization will take effect from your next StarHub billing cycle.
√ A system generated letter of notification will be sent upon approval.
√ The StarHub account holder will see the following message on the StarHub bill once the GIRO arrangement is in effect: “The total outstanding balance will be deducted from your <last 3 digits of Bank Account No> via GIRO on dd/mm/yy.".

  • Once the recurring deduction message appears, you will no longer need to send us any payment as the total outstanding balance amount will be deducted directly from your bank account monthly on your StarHub bill due date. To keep your subscription current, please remember to maintain sufficient funds in your bank account.

  • If a recurring payment is rejected on your StarHub bill due date, a system generated notification letter will be sent to you to let you know the payment failed. If there is a consecutive payment failure, you might experience service disruption.

  • In general, GIRO arrangement will be automatically terminated if the deduction is unsuccessful with the same GIRO payment rejection reason from your bank for 2 consecutive billing cycle.

  • To terminate a GIRO arrangement, please complete and return the StarHub Recurring GIRO Payment Termination Form to StarHub using the postage-paid mailer included with the form or fax to 6721-5051. Termination will be processed within the 3 working days upon receipt and will take effect on the next billing cycle.


  • ¹ Online application only applicable to DBS or POSB bank account holder.

  • ² Do note that only original signed GIRO application forms are accepted by the bank for GIRO application. Please mail the original GIRO form to our office address listed below and allow 4 to 6 weeks for the bank to process the application. The approval of GIRO application using StarHub GIRO Application Form is subject to your bank’s discretion.




P.O. BOX 291


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