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Paying my bills via GIRO

Hassle-free bill payment with GIRO.  

  1. Download the digital GIRO application form.
  2. Tick the appropriate box(s), complete Part (1) and (2) of the form with your details and your Postpaid Account's "Payment Code".
  3. Mail it using the postage-paid mailer included with the form.


  • Hassle-free
  • No more late payments
  • No need to queue for bill payment
  • Saves time


  • Please note that the bank accepts only original completed GIRO application forms for processing.

  • Amendments made on the form must be countersigned by applicant.

  • Upon approval by your bank, the following message will appear on your StarHub bill:

      "The total outstanding balance will be deducted from your <Bank Account No> via GIRO on dd/mm/yy."

    Once this message appears, you will no longer need to send us any payment as the amount will be deducted directly from your 

    bank account monthly. To keep your subscription current, please remember to maintain sufficient funds in your bank account.

  • GIRO bill payment arrangement will be terminated if the deduction is unsuccessful with the same rejection reason from your bank for 2 consecutive billing cycles.