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RoamEasy Monthly

Why is StarHub discontinuing RoamEasy Monthly from 1 October 2019?

We want to make it simple for our customers. Roaming overseas shouldn’t be difficult.
Step 1: Activate International Roaming service or Pay-As-You-Roam
Step 2: Select the destination you are heading to and we will recommend a data roam plan/offers that would be best for you.

How will I be impacted once RoamEasy Monthly is discontinued?

We will be notifying existing customers on the cessation of RoamEasy Monthly. RoamEasy Monthly will be de-activated from October 2019 based on customer’s billing period.

How do I terminate my RoamEasy Monthly subscription?

You may log in to My Business Account or StarHub Business Manager app with your Enterprise ID to terminate your RoamEasy Monthly Plan subscription. Once the service is removed, you will no longer be able to add on the service again. Alternatively, you may contact your Account Manager or call our Business Helpdesk at 1631.

Are there any other data roam plans/offers?

Yes. You can enjoy unlimited data in 149 selected destinations from as low as $19/day with DataTravel Unlimited. Simply turn on data roam on your mobile device to enjoy our DataTravel Unlimited data roam rates.

If you don’t need unlimited data, you can activate DataTravel Asia Pacific at $15 for 2GB overseas data in 20 selected destinations and DataTravel Global at $40 for 2GB overseas data in 81 selected destinations.