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What is SmartPipe?

SmartPipe is a business solution that capitalises on NGNBN infrastructure to enable you to enjoy at least 3 StarHub services – Broadband, Voice, and TV – all on the same, single NGNBN line, while optimising the use of bandwidth by prioritising traffic for each service.

What are the key features of SmartPipe?

The key features of SmartPipe are as follows:

    • Islandwide coverage, wherever there is NGNBN coverage, for your Broadband, Voice, and TV.
    • Smart utilisation of NGNBN bandwidth, with each type of service tagged to its own Class of Service for contention-free traffic.
    • State-of-the-art Fibre connectivity up to 1Gbps on NGNBN.
    • High-quality, real-time Digital Voice calls, with unlimited FREE local outgoing calls.
    • A wide range of IPTV channels including news, sports and entertainment.

What are the benefits of installing SmartPipe (as opposed to other methods)?

The benefits of installing SmartPipe are as follows:

    • Well-managed bandwidth utilisation, with each service having its own Class of Service.
    • Ease of management: only one Service Provider and one bill.
    • No extra upfront investment for additional infrastructure to support all services.
    • No messy in-building cabling between the MDF and equipment rooms.

Would using all 3 services concurrently have any effect on data transmission?

No. In fact, one of the advantages of SmartPipe is its ability to prioritise and perform traffic optimisation according to the services subscribed. Each service is assigned its own Class of Service to achieve bandwidth efficiency.

How will the typical setup for SmartPipe be like in an office?

3 ports on the Fibre Network Terminal will be activated to support Business Broadband/Ethernet, TV, or Voice Add-On. Each of the ports will be connected to the individual equipment to support the service. Click here to find out more.


Who can sign up?

This service is available for all corporate/enterprise customers with a valid Business Registered Number. Installation address needs to be an NGNBN-ready site.

How do I sign up?

Please contact our StarHub Account Managers or call our Business Hotline at 1800 8888888.

What are the locations/areas covered by StarHub SmartPipe?

You can check for NGNBN coverage at the OpenNet website by entering your postal code and building number, as below.

Can I retain my fixed line numbers when I port over from another service provider?

Yes, we are providing Free Number Retention and waiver of One-Time-Charges for all Fixed Line porting (for up to 50 lines).

If I am a current subscriber to StarHub services, will I be able to install SmartPipe? What is the procedure?

Voice Add-On and IPTV services can be added on to your existing NGNBN (either Business Dynamic or Static Broadband) by subscribing to them.

Are there any add-ons or complimentary products that are available for purchase, e.g. anti-spam software, etc.?

StarHub has a suite of services that cater to your needs. In addition to SmartPipe, you can subscribe to StarHub Mobile Services and Cloud Services, as well as Managed Solutions, etc.

Are there additional installation charges payable for the setup of each service?

Additional charges are dependent on cabling requirements. If customised or extensive cabling is required, additional fees will be charged accordingly. You may need to engage your own contractors for such cabling works, in which cases payment will be between you and the contractors.

For NGNBN and Voice Add-on, StarHub covers up to our router and access device. Any LAN cabling beyond StarHub’s equipment will be your responsibility. Similarly, you will be responsible for your internal cabling for IPTV set-top boxes.

If I want to upgrade to a higher Broadband speed in the future, is that possible? How scalable is SmartPipe?

Yes, you can upgrade your Broadband bandwidth according to your needs. Similarly, you can choose to add additional Voice Add-On lines or IPTV packages, as well as set-top boxes.

I am an existing Voice customer. What will be changed if I opt in to upgrade my Broadband and TV under SmartPipe?

There will be no changes to the existing Voice service if you upgrade the Broadband bandwidth or add TV packages.

I am an existing Broadband customer. What will be changed if I opt in to upgrade my Voice and TV under SmartPipe?

You are free to add additional Voice lines or TV packages and set-top boxes at any time. There will be no changes to Broadband for such upgrades.

I am an existing TV customer. What will be changed if I opt in to upgrade my Broadband and Voice under SmartPipe?

There will be no changes to the existing TV service if you upgrade the Broadband bandwidth or add Voice Add-On lines.

What are the savings if I opt for SmartPipe when I sign up for the 3 services (Broadband, Voice, TV), compared to separate connections for each service?

SmartPipe will maximise the use of one infrastructure, translating to cost savings due to not needing to install separate ones to support each service. You can also sign up for our bundled package to enjoy more savings: click here to find out more.

Can we share the same SmartPipe for different locations/offices?

SmartPipe is location-specific. If SmartPipe is required at another location, a separate subscription is required.

What is the maximum number of users that can use the Internet when SmartPipe is subscribed?

The recommended number of concurrent users is up to 20.

How many Voice lines and IPTV can each SmartPipe support?

Voice Add-On supports up to 50 voice lines and TV supports up to 22 set-top boxes.

Can the Voice Add-On support fax?

Yes, the Voice Add-On supports fax.

Can the Voice Add-On support keyphone, PABX, security alarms, and any other services supported normally by analogue fixed lines?

The Voice Add-On does not support Keyphone/PABX as it is part of the hosted ONEPhone service which already has PBX functionalities. It does not support security alarms or NETS/Credit Card machines as most of these devices need circuit-based connections while ONEPhone is based on IP packet connections.

Are all Voice Value Added Services (VAS) supported (e.g. calling features like Voicemail, Caller ID, etc.)?

Yes, all Voice VASes are supported with Voice Add-On:

    • DID (Direct Inward Dialing)
    • DOD (Direct Outward Dialing)
    • Simultaneous Ring
    • Multi-Party Conference calls
    • Malicious Call Trace
    • Call Waiting / Transfer / Hunt List
    • Call Hunting (Group)
    • Call Park / Pickup
    • Call Pickup - Direct
    • Caller Number Display
    • Admin / User portal
    • Integrated Basic Voice Mail


What should I do if I require technical assistance?

You can contact our 24x7 Technical Service Support Helpdesk (1800-823-3333) or Business Customer Care (1631) for general enquiry assistance.