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Basic Digital Service (ISDN)

You and your business can now benefit from StarHub Basic Digital Service. This guide explains how you can use our many Enhanced Services to your benefit.

It is also includes useful StarHub phone numbers for your reference when you have an enquiry or encounter a service problem.

StarHub Basic Digital Service provides customers with ISDN2 line, which enables your business to have:

  • Access to make local calls through StarHub telephone network
  • Access to all StarHub Customer Service numbers
  • Directory Enquiry services*
  • Fault Reporting services
  • International Calling Card (Application and Enquiries)
  • Billing Enquiries
  • Access to make IDD calls* (through StarHub and/or other operators)
  • Access to make bargain voice calls and fax* (through StarHub and/or other operators)
  • Access to local (1800) freephone services
  • Access to local (1900) premium services *
  • Access to emergency numbers (995 and 999)

* This access can be barred by StarHub upon request, or customers can control level of access by using the Outgoing Call Barring Enhanced Service

The following Enhanced Services comes FREE with StarHub Basic Digital Service:

  • Caller ID Presentation
  • Outgoing Call Barring
  • Automatic Ring Back when Free
  • Voicemail with Message Wait Indication

Note: Free Voicemail is provided upon request. More details and usage guides are available in the Enhanced Services section.