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SmartShare FAQ

What are the plans eligible for subscription to SmartShare?

You must have an eligible 4G plan (4G 3, 4G 4, 4G 5, 4G 6 ) in order to subscribe for SmartShare. There must be minimum 5 mobile lines with eligible 4G plans for a company to sign up and start using SmartShare.

Can you explain how SmartShare works?

SmartShare is a service that allows businesses to pool their mobile lines to enjoy low wastage and reduce excess charges. All mobile lines subscribed to this service will share their plan bundled talktime, data and SMS in the same billing account. Usages are based on first-come-first-use basis. i.e. the first line that uses their plan bundles will enjoy the pooled entitlement first.

I signed up the service on the 15th of this month. My company/colleagues are currently enjoying this service since last year. When can I start enjoying the service?

For your convenience, you will be able to enjoy the pooled bundle entitlements of your colleagues immediately. However, you will only be charged the SmartShare subscription from next month onwards.

The existing billing account has GIRO / Recurring payment arrangement. Will it continue in my new billing account?

No. Once you are transferred to a new billing account, you will have to re-set up your GIRO payment arrangement for the new billing account.

Why was Smartshare service removed from our lines when we have 4 lines remaining in the billing account?

SmartShare requires minimum 5 lines to be effective. When 1 of the line is terminated/suspended, the service will be automatically deactivated. However, the service will be activated automatically when the 5th line is added back to the pool.

I did a change of plan to a non-eligible SmartShare plan. Why did you move my number to another billing account?

Once you change to a non-eligible plan, your line will automatically be removed from SmartShare VAS and the pooled bundle will no longer be valid for you. Hence, your line will be transferred to another billing account.