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StarHub International Calling Card

Making a Call

Calls can be made from any fixed line, mobile phone or payphone. You don't need to insert the card when calling from a payphone.


  • There is no need to enter Singapore country code 65 before dialing the local telephone number.



The following special features will enhance your card usage. Just follow the simple instructions on how to use them.

Speed Dial

Program your frequently called telephone number as Speed Dial codes (1-9). When prompted to enter your telephone number, enter the Speed Dial code followed by #. E.g. 1 # , and your call will be connected immediately.

Intelligent Login

Program the eight telephone numbers you most frequently call from as Intelligent Login numbers. Whenever you call from these telephone numbers, you can enter your PIN immediately without having to enter your card number.

Conference Calling

Conduct conference calls with up to 5 other parties simultaneously in Singapore or overseas.

Value-added Services

You may opt for Value-added Services to enhance your card usage.

Country Access Numbers

To find out which access numbers to use when overseas, please click here