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Plus 3 FAQ

Who is eligible for Plus 3?

Any new, recontracting, existing StarHub Mobile postpaid customer on eligible mobile plans will be able to sign up for Plus 3.

Which plans are eligible for Plus 3?

The mobile plans which are eligible to sign up for Plus 3 are 2-year XS/S/M/L/XL, 2 year 4G 3/4G 4/4G 5/4G 6/4G 12 plans, Mobile Add-on plans and SIM Only XS/S/M/L/XL, SIM Only 4G 3/4G 5/4G 6/4G 12 plans. Not valid for Lite, 4G 300M, and any plans offered specifically to Business customers.

I am an existing in-contract customer with a Data Upsize VAS, am I able to sign up for Plus 3?

Yes. However, if you have an existing Data Upsize VAS for your mobile line, you will need to terminate the Data Upsize VAS first before you can sign up for Plus 3.

Is there a penalty charge if I terminate my Plus 3?

No, there is no penalty charge.

I did not take up the offer for Plus 3 at point of sale during new/recontract order? Can I sign up after?

Yes. You can sign up for Plus 3 through your account managers or contact Business Helpdesk at 1631.

I am a Lite/4G300M customer, why am I not eligible for Plus 3?

The Lite/4G 300M plan is catered for customers with low data usages. As such, we would recommend customers to re-evaluate their usage patterns and choose a more appropriate plan to fit their mobile needs.