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End of MultiSIM Service Enterprise FAQ

What is the MultiSIM service?

MultiSIM lets you enjoy the convenience of having up to 5 SIM cards (1 main SIM + 4 additional SIMs maximum) with the same phone number to use on different mobile devices. With additional SIM cards, you can take calls on one mobile phone while sending an email or SMS with your other mobile device, all at the same time.

Why is StarHub closing the MultiSIM service?

This is in line with StarHub’s continual effort to streamline our products and services, and focus on those that can be supported by newer technology. MultiSIM will be discontinued  since it’s based on 3G technology.

When will this service be discontinued? 

The service will no longer be available by 31 March 2023. After this date, the additional SIM cards will be terminated. The main line will continue to work as usual.

Is there any alternative to this service? 

Users can consider signing up for a SIM Only plan for their other devices. Visit the StarHub Business Online Store, contact your StarHub Account Manager or Sales Representative, or email for enquiries.

What will happen after the MultiSIM service is discontinued? 

MultiSIM service will be removed, and the additional SIM cards will be terminated. The main SIM card will continue to work as usual.

To ensure there is no service disruption to the device(s) that is using the additional SIM cards, we strongly encourage you to approach your StarHub Account Manager, Sales Representative, or email our Business Sales Enquiries at to sign up for an alternative mobile plan. You can also visit the StarHub Business Online Store.

What do I need to do if I am an existing user? 

We strongly encourage you to visit StarHub Business Online Store  and sign up for a SIM Only plan for your other devices. You can also contact your StarHub Account Manager or Sales Representative or email for enquiries.

Do I need to change my SIM card if I terminate my MultiSIM service? 

You do not have to change your main SIM card to continue using your line. If you wish to continue services on a device that is using a MultiSIM, a new SIM card will be provided upon subscription to an alternative mobile plan such as the Biz+ Lite SIM Only No Contract.and you will need to replace the MultiSIM card with the newly provided SIM card.

How do I check which SIM card is set as my main line on my phone? 

Please refer to the email advisory we sent you for your main SIM card’s serial number. Check it against your SIM cards’ serial number.

    • Look at the serial number printed on your SIM cards

How do I set my main SIM card to receive calls and SMS? 

To direct calls and SMS to your main SIM card, put the SIM card in your phone, then dial *118# and press the call button.

I received advisories that MultiSIM will end by 31 January 2023. Has the date changed? 

To give our MultiSIM users more time to switch SMS/calls to their main SIM card and sign up for a Biz+ Mobile plan for their additional devices, we postponed the discontinuation date from 31 January 2023 to 31 March 2023. You can continue to use the service until then.

With MultiSIM being extended for a few more months, will I continue to get charged for it? 

Yes, charging will continue until 31 March 2023.

What will happen to my MultiSIM charges after 31 March 2023? 

As MultiSIM will automatically be terminated by 31 March 2023, charges will be pro-rated and depending on your billing cycle, you may see an adjustment on your succeeding bill.